Dan Walsh’s 1999 Nissan Laurel C35 never had the intentions of becoming the epic vehicle that you see before you. Originally the plan was to build a fully tube frame chassis R32 Skyline, which he has owned for sometime, but has sat around in the garage collecting dust. The Laurel was purchased to be a daily run-around, but those plans changed rather quickly. The RB20DE and automatic gearbox were first on the list to go.Dan sourced a RB25DET engine pretty easily, the next step was finding a non-thrashed RB25DET big box, and this was going to be an issue. Dan managed to find a good deal on a GTR Skyline gearbox, which he converted to RWD, backed up with a Exedy single five puck clutch, Exedy billet chromoly flywheel and custom made ADL single piece GTR driveshaft.Dan originally wanted to do some minor engine mods to the car, but that quickly changed. His tuner Tim from TTT Auto Engineering convinced him to upgrade the standard turbo to a Garrett TA3410 paired up with a Turbosmart 50mm wastegate.Since Dan is a fabricator by trade, he thought why spend money on parts that you can buy off the shelf and that everyone else would be running. He decided to fabricate his own exhaust manifold and what a beauty it turned out to be!The engine modification didn’t end there. He also added a Luxury Sports front facing plenum, K&N pod filter and a massive throttle body of a Nissan V8 VH45. He also installed some bigger 550cc injectors from a Subaru WRX STI and Yellow Jacket coils. A Link G4+ Plug N Play keeps an eye on the extra goodies and to top it all off, he relocated the wiring harness and had the engine bay de-loomed as much as possible.Providing cooling for the RB25DET is a FENIX R32 radiator and a FENIX intercooler with custom made piping to make everything line up.Unfortunately in the early stages of the build a car pulled out right in front of Dan and wrecked the front end of the Laurel. Instead of getting a new factory front end, he set away fabricating his own tube frame front end and decided to step it up another notch by adding in the aftermarket panels.To start off with fixing the front end, he fitted a Street Element front bumper topped off with Origin Labo carbon canards, BN Sport style fenders, BN Sports style side skirts, Luxury Sports over fenders, URAS rear bumper and a Carbon fibre N1 R32 GTR boot lid spoiler.Keeping the Laurel grounded is achieved by the S15 BC Gold adjustable suspension, GKTech solid diff and sub-frame mounts, and a combination of GKTech and Hardrace control arms all round. Because he could, he also fabricated the 8 point roll-cage. With extra power, comes extra speed, which requires more stopping power. Dan has changed the front brakes to give enough without going too overboard. R32 GTR four pot front calipers and R32 GTR two pot rear calipers with Endless brake pads all round is a simple, yet effective upgrade.With the addition of the wider front guards and the over fenders in the rear, bigger wheels were required. With the help of North Shore Toyota Parts, Dan opted with some crazy sized custom wheels. WORK Meister S1 3P 18×9.5 -15 in the front and WORK Meister S1 3P 18×11 -20 in the rear. The interior side of things is just as much a masterpiece as the outside is. Keeping Dan safe and secure is achieved with an OMP WRC-R race seat with a Sabelt 6 point harness. The original dash cluster has been replaced with a Haltech IQ3 Street Dash. Because the car has been built for drifting and is also 100% street legal, the addition of the Tilton floor mounted pedal box, Nameless Performance hydraulic handbrake, Long Shifter and Mr Gasket shift knob makes it as pleasurable to drive around town as it is to thrash around the track. We look forward to seeing Dan getting sideways out on the track and enjoying the car after spending so much of his time with building the car, almost entirely by himself!

Quick Specs
Car: Nissan Laurel C35
Engine: RB25DET
Capacity: 2.5L
Intake: Luxury Sports front-facing plenum, VH45 throttle body
Cooling: Fenix intercooler with custom made piping, Fenix R32 radiator
Ignition: Yellow jacket coils
Injectors: Subaru STI 550cc injectors
Fuel Pump: Walbro 500hp
Turbo: Garrett TA3410
ECU: Link G4+ Plug N Play
Diff: Nissan R33 LSD diff (4.11)
Transmission: Nissan R32 five speed gearbox converted to RWD
Interior: OMP WRC-R drivers seat, BRIDE low max passenger seat, Sabelt 6 point harness, Sparco steering wheel, Haltech IQ3 street dash, Long shifter, Mr Gasket shift knob, Custom made 8 point roll-cage
Exterior: BN Sports style guards, Street Element front bumper, Origin Labo carbon canards, BN Sports style side skirts, Luxury Sports four door over-fenders, URAS rear bumper, Carbon fibre N1 R32 GTR boot lip
Front: WORK Meister S1 3P 18×9.5 -15
Rear: WORK Meister S1 3P 18×11 -20
Power: 343kw at 17.8psi on 98 pump gas