Australia 1971, Victoria becomes the first state to make the wearing of seat belts in motor vehicles compulsory. William McMahon becomes Prime Minister and promises to bring home Australian Troops from Vietnam home by Christmas. Qantas takes delivery of its first Boeing 747 jet aircraft and Twelve months later I was born.  Holden then introduces a new car, the HQ, considered to be one of Australia’s major motoring events, the all new HQ Holden replaced the HG with a host of new features for its time. The HQ’s straight six engines were carried over from earlier Holden’s, but featuring a longer stroke giving 2.84 and 3.3 litres capacity, the new names were the ‘173’ and ‘202’

Considered to be the most beautiful series of cars ever produced. More than half a million HQs were produced, including 485,650 Belmont, Kingswood and Premier sedans with 5 engine packages ranging from.

173:2838cc 6cyl, OHV, 12v

Bendix-Stromberg single-barrel downdraft carburettor

88kW (118hp) @ 4400rpm

228Nm @ 2000rpm


202:3298cc 6cyl, OHV, 12v

Bendix-Stromberg single-barrel downdraft carburettor

101kW (135hp) @ 4400rpm

263Nm @ 2000rpm


253:4142cc V8, OHV, 16v

Bendix-Stromberg two-barrel downdraft carburettor

138kW (185hp) @ 4400rpm

355Nm @ 2400rpm



308:5044cc V8, OHV, 16v

Rochester four-barrel
downdraft carburettor

179kW (240hp) @ 4800rpm

427Nm @ 3000rpm


350:5733cc V8, OHV, 16v

Rochester four-barrel
downdraft carburettor

205kW (275hp) @ 4800rpm

488Nm @ 3200rpm


Also for its time it had approximately 16 different models in the HQ range, which included.

The mainstream HQ passenger car range consisted of four-door seadn and five-door station wagon models in three trim levels.

  • Holden Belmont  sedan
  • Holden Kingswood sedan
  • Holden Premier sedan
  • Holden Belmont station wagon
  • Holden Kingswood station wagon
  • Holden Premier station wagon

The long wheelbase luxury model, “Statesman by GMH” consisted of one body style (four-door sedan) and was available in two trim levels.

  • Statesman
  • Statesman Deville

A Holden SS sedan was released in August 1972. Although marketed as a separate model in reality it was a Belmont V8 sedan fitted with the XV2 option package.

The Monaro range initially consisted only of two-door coupes.

  • Holden Monaro
  • Holden Monaro GTS
  • Holden Monaro GTS 350
  • Holden Monaro LS

Two four-door sedan variants of the Monaro GTS were released in March 1973 and similarly to the SS the new sports sedans were a special vehicle package optioned on a lesser model, in this case on a V8 Kingswood sedan. Option XV4 was the HQ GTS sedan. Option XW8 was the HQ GTS350 sedan.

The commercial vehicle range included coupe utility, panel van and cab chassis truck models.

  • Holden Belmont utility
  • Holden Kingswood utility
  • Holden Belmont panel van
  • Holden One Tonner


Holden HQ series cars were produced at GMH plants in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. Engines, transmissions, and final drive assemblies were produced at the engine casting plant at Fishermens Bend in Melbourne, although 350 cu in (5.7 L) engines and its drivetrain components were fully imported from the United States.

For the South African market, the Holden HQ sedan was marketed as the Chevrolet Kommando, and the HQ utility as the Chevrolet El Camino. The Kommando only received the Chevrolet 4.1-litre six while the Constantia was also offered with the Holden 5.0-litre V8 coupled to an automatic transmission. The El Camino received both of these options as well as a new (to South Africa) 3.3-litre six, only in conjunction with a manual transmission. The HQ One Tonner was sold as the Chevrolet El Toro.

Memories of a young 7 year old me in 1979, remembering when my older brother bought his first car home. A Green HQ Sedan, 202 dead stock doing the family duties when the price of fuel was like 50 cents a litre. Then the mods began and stock no more.


Fast forward 2019, 48 years later the beloved HQ is arguably one of the best looking Aussie cars ever. Loved by people far and wide. Prices are going up and some stunning examples are knocking around. The weekend of 23-24 November 2019 sees me with the HQ Holden Cruise Club Of Victoria. Speaking with event Organisers Tom Knowles, Glen Lindsey and Choco Munro Wyss. The club has over 5,500 facebook members. With general catch up cruises and mini meets happening all the time in Vic. It’s a group for all lovers of the HQ to meet up and enjoy each other’s company and seeing all the cool rides as well.

HQ Run number #6 has been going from strength to strength every year, this year being the biggest turnout to date. With approximately 150 odd cars turning up for the morning meet up in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs A truck load of  HQ’S even made the trip across to Vic with their pride and joys on a car carrier!  A beautiful morning no wind and great sunlight was on offer for breakfast and morning park up for the cars on display. Everyone taking in the display on offer before the cruise in to Port Melbourne at Pier 35, for breakfast and put the cars on display for everyone to admire. All in all was a great day and perfect weather. You couldn’t have picked a better day weather wise.  Until next year, Enjoy the pics. If you have a HQ, look up The HQ Holden Cruise Club Of Victoria and come aboard!