With World Time Attack going from strength to strength and no sign of slowing down, here at Speed Nation we thought we would look back at some of the best of the best that have graced our shores in pursuit of that elusive #oneperfectlap.


5. Panspeed Rx7

With huge aspirations team Panspeed made the trip down under 3 times. Twice with their beautifully presented FD RX7 and once with the Rx8. The RX7 gets a mention in our top 5 because of its striking livery and the sheer persistence of the team during both the 2010, and 2011 visits to get a result. Unfortunately it was not to happen for the team. With a 5th place in 2010 with a lap of  1:32.4540, and an 8th place with some serious competition in 2011 managing a lap of 1:32.0340.


4. Cyber Evo

Seeing this car in the flesh with Tarzan behind the wheel was a highlight for me personally. The car is part of time attack folk law, and was successful in securing back to back victory’s in 2010 and 2011, fending off some serious rivalry in Garage Revolution and Sierra Sierra by putting down a then astonishing time of 1:28.8510. Although it has returned to Australia they are yet to replicate the success of 2010 and 2011.


3. Nemo Evo

I remember in the lead up to the 2012 event news of the infamous Nemo Racing Evo set rumor mills turning long before the August event. Love it or hate it this car was the turning point of Time Attack world wide. It was a full blown assault on the rule book. It was clear from the outset they were not going to make any friends. In early testing the numbers looked promising but no one could have foreseen just what numbers this Frankenstein would stop the clocks at. In the more than capable hands of Warren Luff it didn’t just win, it put the world on notice with the biggest ever win margin of 2.162 seconds, setting the winning lap of 1:25.0200.


2. The Hammerhead

Initially, a lot of punters thought the Hammerhead design was a joke but the crowd was silences shortly after it’s first attack on the circuit. That wild Aero actually works! If you were a patriotic Australian team Hammerhead has given you a reason to smile on nearly every attempt. This car has the brains trust of the MCA suspension developers Murray and Josh Coote. With a host of A-List drivers including Earl Bamber and the man born with a steering wheel in his hands, Shane van Gisbergen. Earl has since gone on to Win the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans with Nico Hulkenburg and Nick Tandy and Shane has shown he can steer just about anything on any continent, and be close enough to spray champagne. 2016 sees another pro step in with Tim Slade set to pilot this Queensland based machine, and with past results of 10th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd one would think its only a matter of time before the team strike gold.


1. Scorch Racing S15 

So we made it to number 1. This car, this team and its driver have secured a place in the heart of all time attack fans. Year after year the car returns with no stone left unturned in the pursuit of that #oneperfectlap. Under Suzuki has come so close in the past, just 0.004 seconds away from victory no less. Like the Hammerhead the S15 is powered by a RWD configuration in a sea of AWD’s. I know personally watching this car progress over the years has been a real highlight. What started as a Semi street car has progressively been transformed into a full blown carbon monster. I think Suzuki Under just embodies what time attack is, and what its about. That ‘never say die’ attitude to achieve your dream. This is what makes him and his team our choice for number one!



Honorable mention. Tilton Evo 

Its at this stage of the post you have thought how the hell could we have a top 5 and not include the triple champion and the current record setting team Tilton Evo 9. Well the truth of the matter is we couldn’t. And with the sheer amount of time and effort and skill it takes to go back to back, and again we have given the team a honorable mention as they were just one step above the rest…  This car is rewriting history at every event and we’re pumped to see what it does on it’s next assault.