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The first thing everyone noticed when arriving at SMSP park for Day 2 of World Time Attack was the weather. In stark contrast to friday’s sun covered paradise, saturday morning was blanketed by clouds. Some of the punters were clearly affected, rugged up and little unhappy about the weather, but the drivers and teams couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces. This was power-producing weather, there was real potential for records to fall if the rain would stay away.

The rain held and the records did indeed tumble early. Pro, Open and Clubsprint all saw new class records on day 2, with Pro Am’s record having already been broken yesterday meaning 2017 is definitively the fastest year of WTAC yet.

The Pro boys got on to a dry track, and Slade capitalized on the conditions to extend his lead and set a new record in session 1, posting an insane 1:20.97, despite losing an end cap off his front splitter. Every year the MCA team inch ever closer to the SMSP GP Overall Lap record of 1:19.1, which was set in 2007 by F1 Driver Niko Hulkenberg using an A1GP Car. Pretty impressive for an S13 to be so close!

Under Suzuki was again pushing hard, but suffered a tyre failure midway through turn 1, leading to one of the best saves of the entire competition.  He pulled it up beautifully and avoided what could have been a huge disaster.

Andy Forrest and Brad Shiels both improved their PBs early, but were unfortunately lacking the pace to play with the top three cars.

In the Pro AM class, the Audi from Finland briefly held 2nd position before the Canadian Civic took it back in the third stint. Sivonen and Nguyen were both enjoying themselves, holding an impromptu roll race down the main straight just before both cars caught a bit of strife, with the Finn having a spin and The Mouse suffering a mechanical issue that required a tow in.

Open class had plenty of tight battles, Session 2 saw Casmiri snag the lead from Morcom with his 1:27.56! A time that was good enough for 5th outright, beating half the Pro Class and the entire Pro AM field with the exception of the Mighty Mouse.

The main sessions were of course capped off with the superlap shootout, where the top 5 competitors from each class got one last chance to improve their time and grab top honours. None of the Clubsprinters were able to improve their times, and so they were stuck with their best times from the daily sessions. Jordan Cox would have been pleased as this meant he took the top honours.

Garth Walden was the only driver in the Open class that was able to go faster, however it wasn’t by enough to change his position. Ashwin had a spin on his out lap which slowed him down, but still managed to be consistent with his time close to his session times during the day. The crowd went wild as Casmiri crossed the line, no improvement in time but his first place was firmly cemented regardless due to his speed earlier in the day.

In Pro Am division there was a bit of drama, with Scott pulling into the pits rather than completing his run, which was closely followed by ‘Hulk’ going off when coming onto the straight, which ruined his chances. Sivonen’s time went unchanged and William Au-Yeung improved his PB, but didn’t move up. Nguyen killed it as usual on his final lap ever at WTAC in the mighty mouse, improving his best time and convincingly taking home the win.

Moving onto the Pros, ‘Fire’ Ando drove the wheels off to perform a PB and managed to move into 4th position. Sheils was unfortunately unable to better his time. Forrest then took to track, and fired back his own PB, which put him back in 4th and moved Ando to 5th. ‘Under’ broke into the 1:21s for the first time, which wasn’t enough to better his position, but was still a hell of a drive. Mawer didn’t get the chance to improve as he was unable to compete in the shootout due to a broken driveshaft. Slade didn’t manage to go faster during the shootout, but it didn’t matter; the Pro Class and the outright win went to the MCA team, with the record breaking 1:20.97 set earlier in the day.



Final Standings


1.  Tim Slade – 1:20.97
2. Barton Mawer – 1:21.48
3. Tomohiko ‘Under’ Suzuki – 1:21.79

Pro AM

1. Rob Nguyen – 1:26.27
2. William Au-Yeung – 1:28.47
3. Sami Sivonen – 1:29.19

1. Adam Casmiri – 1:27.56
2.Nathan Morcom – 1:28.30
3. Matt Longhurst – 1:28.45


1.  Jordan Cox – 1:36.83
2. Benny Tran – 1:39.35
3. Ben Arnold – 1:39.55

Rob Nguyen also picked up the Cams ‘Spirit of time Attack’ award, which is judged by track staff on the competitor who best embodies the sportsmanship and values of World Time Attack. A well deserved recognition for Rob and by extension his team.

The midday mayhem followed the same formula as friday, with one special addition: the pit walk. this special feature puts all the competitor cars into pit lane and gives the public a chance to get up close and personal with them. It’s become a staple of WTAC and it’s always amazing seeing thousands of the punters crammed into the pits at the same time.

For those who missed the friday session we were again treated to the almost orgasmic 767B, screaming down the main straight like a fighter jet about to take flight. The Drift King also treated fans to hot laps in his AE86, as well the Taisan 32 GTR. The JGTC dogfight demo even got a bit heated, with the Rx-7 managing to have a spin.


Friday night saw the Show n Shine of years gone by transform into ‘StyliseD’, a kind of car reveal party show that was different to your standard car meet, but still had the familiarity of the tried and true ‘meet’ style show. Saturday saw the Shannon’s sponsored StyliseD event continue during the day, and while the vibe felt different during the day it was still an incredible sight. It’s not hyperbole to say that the quality of builds improves every time.

As the sun went down the drifters came to life, ready to fry some tyres in the twilight. The competition was tight as always, with every driver trying hard to impress the judges and give the fans a good show.

Stay tuned for the full Honeywell Garrett Drift Challenge & StyliseD event coverage coming soon!

Speednation wish to thank Ian Baker and the whole WTAC team for putting on the best motorsport event of the year, as well as all the spectators, competitors, vendors and supporters who make it happen. Bring on 2018!