For all who are not familiar with me, my name is Bez, I am a videographer and a car enthusiast who has been heavily involved in the automotive scene for over 12 years and I also run my own media production company called Bez Media, specialising in the automotive industry.
I recently returned from a business trip to Japan, Where I attended Tokyo Auto Salon 2017.
I have dreamed of visiting this show for many years, let alone given the opportunity to be hired by a few companies to film during the event. It was well and truly a dream come true.
I will be writing up a separate blog post all about Tokyo Autosalon once I complete the video but for now!
If you’re well familiar with Initial D and Wangan Midnight/Maximum Tune. One of the popular and well known locations in Japan… Hakone. It was my favourite track.
The last 24 hours of my visit, myself and Mr. Hardtuned were given the keys to a BMW E92 M3 and a Porsche 911 997. Being a X5M owner, I could not help but pick the M3.
Mr Hardtuned and myself set up camp for the night in a small town house within Hakone for the night. We were about an hour out from a look out point we had planned the night before to venture to. The plan was to get to the point before sunrise.
As a videographer, I aspire to achieve visions in my head of certain locations i would LOVE to film in, one of them was to capture the cars in the sunrise at one of the highest points within the Hakone Mountains. The down side was the weather, it’s winter, its FREEZING and a slight chance the roads will be closed due to excessive snow fall.

This video may be nothing special, but it captures something I have always dreamed of.

Hakone + Sunrise = Epic Win