Welcome to a new feature on Speednation where we bring the latest and greatest of the car focused videogame world direct to you. In the following reports we will look at the key features and highlights in Forza 5, GT6, The Crew, NFS Rivals and Drive Club.
First up we are going to look at what we know so far about the latest in a long line of updates to one of the most respected and long running racing game franchises of all time, Gran Turismo 6.

Gran Turismo is appearing on the PS3 for the last time with this release before Gran Turismo 7 goes into development for the PS4 and it promises to be a fitting swansong for the current generation console.
Introducing an entirely new rendering engine, new physics, tyre modelling, something clever called adaptive tessellation and most exciting of all new and much smarter AI!
Long a bug bear for even the most avid GT fans this update is the most sorely needed and should add a lot of excitement to the races, another important upgrade is a complete overhaul of the menu interface with it now all running off one screen.
This means shorter loading times between the different menus and more importantly less time spent waiting around and more time racing!
The graphics will get the usual update with rain looking a lot more realistic and the frame rate up to 60 FPS and the resolution up to a true 1080P for those lucky enough to have a decent HDTV to show off the specs it’s going to be an impressive experience indeed.
The cars promise to behave a lot more realistically with tyre, suspension and other vehicle component manufacturers involved in development, both providing feedback to the programmers and using the software to fine tune their own products. If that doesn’t indicate how close to reality this ‘driving simulator’ is getting then I don’t know what does. There is no word yet on whether livery customisation is available but it and a lot of other improvements suggested by its fans are surely going to be looked at.

One aspect that has long been neglected is engine sounds, Kazanori Yamauchi the lead designer recently announced how happy he was with the progress they were making in this department. With the recording of all the cars in the games virtual garage’s engine sounds at various levels of stress inserted into the audio this will add an extra dimension of game immersion that gamers have been hankering after ever since its main rival Forza started down the same path.
It also promises to add a host of new cars on top of the already overflowing stable of legendary performance vehicles. Roughly fifty or so at this point from various manufacturers but more will be added before release date no doubt and even after with DLC expected on a near weekly basis.


Lexus LFA

It will keep all the standard tracks GT5 currently has plus at least one more on launch, Australia’s own Mount Panorama in Bathurst. More tracks will be added as DLC once the game is out but the thought of being able to charge down Conrod straight in one of our own carefully tuned race cars is a tantalising prospect indeed!

All in all it promises to be a worthy successor to the current flagship of Sony’s driving game stable and one that we here at Speed Nation are looking forward to, more juicy details will be leaked to you as soon as we come across them!
As for its feisty competitor Forza, its fifth iteration is going to be released on the next gen console the XBOX One but more on that next time.
Watch this space!