Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts gathered to showcase their vehicles in the annual Go Topless Day for charity with one rule: Your Wrangler must be topless.

Here at Speed Nation, we’re all about custom high performance street and track machines. We’re passionate about the individuality and artistry thats involved in every single car build. And above all, we certainly appreciate the passion and commitment involved in any built vehicle.

We know of one particular vehicle that has a huge following particularly over in the USA where owners showcase fascinating builds, its fairly common to see these with go fast bits such as forced induction or V8 conversions and is regarded as one of the most modified vehicles on earth – The Jeep Wrangler.


Lifted Wrangler Speed Nation


This beast might be more powerful than you think… 

When we heard that down in Melbourne that Double Black Offroad were hosting their ‘Go Topless Day’ event for 2017 and raising money for charity we decided to venture down and check out this side of car scene.

A strict rule of entry for this event is all are owners are required to arrive topless. And don’t get too excited – we’re talking about the Wranglers roof and / or doors must be removed or folded down.


Jeep Wrangler Topless Speed Nation


The event follows a simple format we’re mostly familiar with: meet, speeches and briefing, cruise, and show & shine at end point.
During the briefing, the crowd were treated to a raffle, and a charity auction to help raise money for the Australian Food Allergy Foundation.


Go Topless Day Crowd Speed Nation

Go Topless Day Charity Speed Nation


The cruise was surprisingly interesting and refreshing to be part of. As the convoy of Wranglers cruised up Beach Road in Melbourne countless pedestrians stopped to photograph the group – we didn’t see anyone who wasn’t wearing a smile; a collective show of support by the public as we cruised past. Something usually not always experienced with performance cars – the ‘hoon’ label certainly not applied here.



The Go Topless Day cruise ended at Como Park in show and shine style. Its impressive that the majority of these Jeep Wranglers look completely different; demonstrating the ease of customising these to suit your personality and goals. From MASSIVE tyres and lift, to V8 engines, vinyl wraps, headlight swaps etc we saw some impressive modifications that can turn these Wranglers into neck-snapping monster trucks.



There were many impressive Jeep Wranglers on display, a few of the stand outs to us were these giants:



The passion and sense of community is strong with the Wrangler enthusiasts and the group managed to raise over $16,000 for their chosen charity: The Australian Food Allergy Foundation, a great effort for Go Topless Day.

Check out Double Black Offroad for more information on their business and their off road club.

Check out some basic video coverage from the event:


For more photos check out the gallery below:

Words and Photography by Ben Cadwallader – Cad Photography