We went out to check out the Adelaide car meet scene at the first of the new Adelaide Street Meet’s. The venue was set for a carpark just off the main road at Parafield. Main North Road being right by the carpark made the meet noticeable to plenty of people passing by and gave everyone a good chance to hear some of these cars in action as they left the meet later on. Approximately 150 people were in attendance over the course of the evening and around 80 vehicles for everyone to feast their eyes on.

For a first meet there was a great turn out and a good representation across all groups of enthusiasts. Cars weren’t the only ones in attendance as there was also a decent representation from the two wheeled variety as well. There was an obvious representation from the 86/BRZ group, although despite the number of the same model they all had been modified with their own flair and made them each look unique.
Also in the JDM range there was a number of Godzilla GTR’s, Skylines and Silvia’s. Also there was Evo’s, Supra’s, MX5’s, a Stagea, 350Z, 300ZX and 180SX.
There was strong representation from a number of Subaru Forester’s and the odd WRX also. It was great to see such a varied representation from what can at times be a very saturated category of one build type.

Being an Australian meet of course there was the Holden and Ford camps both represented with the beefier HSV vehicles out in reasonable number. As the night went on and the sun had gone down you simply couldn’t miss the stand out show cars with their engine bays on display lighting up the night with their LED lighting setups. You sure could not miss the engine bay of SXEHSV, which was the icing on a very appetising cake. The modifications to this HSV made it a stand out from many others with the choice of rims and the rego printed on the tyres as well to remind everyone that it really is a SXEHSV.
The other stand outs in the Aussie corner were the show prepped Ford Laser of Simon Moyle that is well known around Adelaide and the sole representation from the 4×4 category with the TRANCE Ford Ranger which was a tough unit with its black rims on black body and lift kit and LED lit engine bay.

There was good representation from the Euro’s as well with BMW’s and a nice Mercedes A45 AMG. Out on show were also a couple of VW Golf R’s from Haines Mechanical.

On the American front there was a PT Cruiser, Valiant and a current model Mustang to show what the stars and stripes can build. In just a few cars classic through to the current era were covered.

A single Lotus Elise was all that represented the mother country of the UK. They are always a great machine to marvel at with their power to weight ratio giving them amazing performance.

Overall everyone seemed to really enjoy the meet and had a great time catching up with mates and chatting about their builds. Whether people had come straight from work or just heading out for the start of a big night, people had made a big effort to be there to check out a new meet on the Adelaide scene. We look forward to seeing the turn out at Adelaide Street Meet #2 at Marden Shopping Centre on December 15th.