The lead up to the FPV vs HSV cruise had built up to be an exciting event to see both sides of the Australian automotive rivalry meet together to share a common appreciation of cars. The weather was looking like it would be a great day for cruising, despite the odd drop of rain as I travelled to the starting meet point. Everyone from both sides, both red and blue met together at Harbour Town to catch up and discuss the cruise route. As everyone was admiring some of the great cars that had turned up, the rain started to fall and caused everyone to head for their cars just as it approached departure time. Jagga, a few others and myself stayed out in the rain for a moment to discuss the cruise route before jumping into cars ourselves and heading off.

For the first leg of the trip I had the pleasure of riding with Spyro in his Dizzi Decalz LS3 powered HSV Clubsport R8. This amazing example of the power of the red side of the rivalry was producing a healthy 290rwkw and sounded amazing as we cruised through the traffic as we headed to some more quiet roads to allow all the cars to “stretch their legs” a bit more. We headed towards Morphett Vale before taking Majors Rd across the Southern Expressway and then via Bains Rd to Clarendon.

Just outside of Clarendon we found enough space on the roadside to cater for our cruise crowd and regrouped and gave ourselves a stretch of the legs. It was quite a sight to see the variety of FPV and HSV models all parked up together in the vast numbers that had turned out. From Clubsport to Maloo, from GT to Super Pursuit we seemed to have just about all models covered.

After this quick regroup I changed ship to ride with Rob in his XR6 Turbo. Although not an FPV this car still produced just as much power to easily keep up with the crowd, producing a commanding 350rwkw. Rob had definitely done a great job of modifying this Ford family sedan to pack a definite punch. On the open roads when he nailed it you knew all about it and could feel every kw it produced. We travelled to Meadows and onto Hahndorf via Echunga. Unfortunately in this stretch the rain decided to fall for a while but this didn’t damper the spirits of anyone and Rob and I had a great chat about all things car related while we cruised to our lunch destination.

Upon arriving in Hahndorf we were on a mission to find enough space to park our long line of cruise traffic. As we rolled down main street you could see all the heads turn from all of the people walking through Hahndorf as they appreciated the looks and sound of the Aussie built performance vehicles. We managed to pull up the whole crew along Johns Lane and headed into town for a much needed lunch break. Our stomachs were growling almost as loud as some of the engines by this point.

A few of us went separate ways as we all headed for our personal preference of lunch choices. Just walking the Hahndorf main street as a big crowd of fellow car nuts was a great afternoon to be out appreciating the cars. I chose to head to a local bakery along with Jagga and a few of the other FPVGT Community crew. We chatted over lunch about the progress of Jagga’s own GT and what his plans were for it. Unfortunately just before the cruise Jagga had blown his motor but already he had big plans and a new motor is currently being built in Perth ready to put some serious grunt into this pinnacle of the FPV range. Hopefully we will have a more detailed feature on this car in the near future but for now all we will reveal is that the aim is for a 1000HP street worthy GT. We look forward to hearing how this build progresses.

As we walked back to the cars to continue our cruise we discussed that I would again play musical chairs to have the chance to ride with Kieren in his chaotic G6E Turbo.

This G6E had a big list of mods and an awesome tune that produced an incredible sound of aural pleasure, especially when it popped flames as Kieren backed off after having nailed it hard. For this stretch of the cruise we had some freeway fun with the crowd of cars trailing along together. Departing Hahndorf we headed on toward Mt Barker before turning onto the freeway and rolling by in style as a whole train of FPV and HSV’s all cruised in one consistent line passing fellow motorists.

You could see the look of awe on some of their faces as this train of modified vehicles tore past the casual Sunday drivers. Keiren has not had his G6E tuned for a while since making some further modifications and he still has more planned to come. At last tune CHAOS was producing a healthy 330rwkw and we can only imagine that Kieren’s G6E would now be beyond that.

We stopped at Mt Lofty Summit to take in some nice scenery and get out the cars for a bit of a chat and regroup before continuing back down the hill.

For this final stretch of the cruise I hopped in with Richie in his G6E Turbo SLVRSLG. This car looked mint with the boss bonnet, red wall tyres fitted to the thin spoke rims and the rest of the modifications Richie has done to his G6E to make it stand out from the crowd.

Once again this car was no snail, making 342rwkw. Cruising down the freeway in these 300kw+ G6E’s was amazing to show the power they could produce. This definitely has me hunting for a G6E Turbo of my own. Cruising the tunnel in a 340kw turbo beast just begged to put the window down and take in the sound as the exhaust note reverberated off the walls. The sound was made all the better as Rob flew by us in his 350kw XR6 Turbo that I had ridden in earlier in the day. Nearing the bottom of the freeway we hit traffic and had a slow cruise back to Harbour Town to have a final chat and say farewells.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jagga and the FPV GT Community for inviting me along on the cruise and for each of the guys for letting me ride with you along the way. I will definitely have to come cruising with these guys again as it was such a great day out with a great bunch of guys and girls.