Its been nearly a year since I’ve been here for a car event,  so for old time sake and before winter kicks in, I decided to put together a quick last minute meet at Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter to catch up with friends, talk to some new ones and shoot some cars along the way.

Being the host of the event and overly eager for the meet up, I got there a bit early and waited for a good 20 minutes before  some cars finally rolled in.

First up, I caught up with Steven to check out his new project up close. Now, usually the Onevia are the less popular choice out of all the S-chassis mix and match, on top of that, the 180sx owners usually swap the CA front (pig nose) for the more desired Type-X bar. So Steven took a different approach and decided to mashed the Ca180 front with a S13. We love seeing people mixing it up and creating their own unique looks!

Good friend of mine, Toby rocked up in his Sil80.

Took me a while to realize the subtle 2011 face lifted front bar fitted on Michael’s 08 Impreza

This EK gets better every time I see it, looking tough with Buddyclub P1, Spoon carbon wing and a freshly installed rear diffuser done by the guys @ Ison-Industries.

Speaking of Ison, the boys brought down a few of their Civics to the meet.

Inside one of the Eg’s Engine bay, B16a swapped and wire tucked.

SUITUP’s Evo5 sitting on aggressive XD9s.

A bit of Euro love with this Mk3 Golf sitting on BBS RS

Bit of panel/ track damage on this 86, It’ll buff out…

Don’t see many of these on the streets, old school Datsun 200B.

Surprise of the night and one of my favorite car was this Is200 with a Legana Front sitting on Work Varianza T1!

It was definitely one of the more chilled event with only a small numbers of attendees. But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I got a lot of positive feedback from this meet, so keep an eye out as we’ll be organizing a few events in the near future.