The weekend of August 6-7 2016 saw the Winton Festival of Speed, held at the historic Winton Raceway in country Victoria. I attended the Saturday and got to take a step back to yesteryear. Seeing these beautiful classic cars, the carbies and the smell of petrol before fuel injection took over.  These cars catered for everyone as everything was represented.

Festival Of Speed_-2

From Formula Ford, MG’s, Grp A Under 3lt, Formula Vee, Groups Sa & Sb, Group A over 2Lt, groups J,K Lb and invited cars, Groups P,Q & R Sports, Racing and Invited Cars,  Group N, HQ’s and Group Sc.

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There was something for everyone. If you couldn’t find something you liked at this event, then you need to seek help. The racing on the track was awesome and everyone had a blast. Saturday was an overcast day and nice and chilly, perfect for carbies and turbos alike!

Festival Of Speed_-21

Seeing the old Group A beasts, like the old Godzilla and Sierras still sends goose bumps down my spine. And then when you think it doesn’t get any better, an old V8 Commodore or A9X comes thundering past!!! Brilliant!

Festival Of Speed_-40 Festival Of Speed_-38

For me arguably, the best racing of the day was clearly the Group N category. As Winton is such a great track, being known as being a tight track with not a lot of big straights. It lends itself to action packed racing and Group N doesn’t disappoint. Where else can you see such wheel to wheel racing and nobody crashing into each other. Seeing a Mini dive bombing a GT into a corner on 3 wheels and getting it under brakes, or an XU1 attacking a Commodore. My favourite was watching the battle of the day, a Valiant Charger attacking a Chevy Camaro lap after lap.

Festival Of Speed_-77

Valiant Charger on the attack.Festival Of Speed_-27

Valiant Charger ended up getting the Camaro, on the outside in style!

Then you have the Aussie classic HQ racing which is still a favourite amongst the fans as well. They have a huge following around Australia and are such an iconic car.

Festival Of Speed_-30

As the day came to close, he day was wound up with the HQ’s and last but not least, the Porsches and Alfas turn to battle into the setting sun.

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Enjoy more images from the event in the gallery below.

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