Zen Garage and Cars For Hope were back again with the end of month meet at Eastern Creek. The meet was centred around awareness for Self-Injury, with the colour of the event being orange to show support, many people were creative and even the sunset came out to show support!

Pic 7

The weather wasn’t the greatest, with a sprinkling of rain occurring forcing everyone to huddle under Zen Garages tent, fortunately it wasn’t to last long. Still the turn out wasn’t as big as expected (probably due to weather), it was a great night all in all, with iconic rides and even University podiums coming out to show off their new projects.

Pic 1

Great turn out weather permitting, it did rain but didn’t stop these guys

Pic 2

Meanest looking Mx5, teeth, vented bonnet, 4 eyes, is deff one mx5 too look out for.

Pic 3

UD00RI always out to sit pretty and gather crowds to gaze.

Pic 4

One of the aims for the night was to be seen in orange to show your support and represent the Self Injury Awareness, some people got creative.

University Motorsport crews out to show off their work.

Pic 5

The heart of the Green Machine looking on point.

Pic 6

The sunset that managed to pierce through after the rain cloud moved out of the way really made for a beautiful atmosphere.

Pic 8

Breaking necks or just admirers. Who knows but i think these guys all had something they liked in common.

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Alex Toson – Exposed Media