I know this is a couple months old, but I came across this during my lunch time browse. Pure Automotive art! An amazing feature by Matyas Fulop from Downshift Australia.

Victoria has a secret. As you cast your eyes over her body, you travel up from the ground, moving over the perfectly rounded hips. You try and avert your gaze… it’s no use. Her lines are flawless, the curves seductive. She pulls you in. You enter her, pushing all the right buttons. As you do she gasps – breathless. She’s grounded now, there’s no avoiding it, no escape, no direction to move except forward.

Hidden behind a casting couch at Car Porn Racing sits Victoria, the first RWB Porsche to exist in the Philippines.

Victoria RWB 993

RWB, which stands for RAUH-Welt Begriff or ‘Rough World Style’ is a Porsche tuner in Japan. Combining European and Japanese tuning elements, an extremely unique piece of art is created by the one and only Nakai-san. He will travel to your part of the world, and build your RWB Porsche in person in a matter of days.

The most noticeable and impressive feature of ‘standard’ RWB Porsches is of course the breathtaking width change.

Victoria RWB 993


Check out the full feature HERE. On Downshift Australia‘s page!