Period correct is probably the best way to describe Heaths 73’ 260C. With paint that hasn’t been touched since it rolled off the factory floor, old 15” SSR Starsharks and a turbo setup that looks straight out of the very early 80’s. I don’t know many people left that would attempt to setup an old school turbo drawing through twin SU’s but Heath has seems have to have dialed in nicely with his 260C.


Heath-8 Heath-5

Originally Heath wasn’t even looking for a Datsun, he had been looking at MS55 Crowns but his Datsun-mad mate twisted his arm a little bit and convinced him to start looking at Cedrics. Eventually they found the obscure car listed online which had just been bought by a backyard dealer from its original owner near Kyneton VIC. They drove out to view the car after the Hanging Rock Car Show in 2011 with a bunch of his Torana loving mates and ended up doing a test drive with 9 people in the car! The moment Heath saw that the rear side window in the luggage area wind down his hand was in his pocket grabbing for cash.

Heath-2 Heath-4 Heath-17

The old L26 motor wasn’t quite cutting it for Heath so he’s gone about installing a larger displacement L28 that he’s freshened up with some Ceramic coated 87mm Hypereutectic Pistons with new rings and bearings. For good measure an Old School AiResearch Turbocharger drawing through Twin HS6 1-¾” British SU carburettors was fitted. Power runs through the factory 3 speed manual column shift and down to a 3.7:1 ratio H190 2-Way LSD.

Noise comes from a fabricated steel exhaust manifold, custom TIG welded (and heat wrapped) steel 3” dump reducing to 2-¼” straight pipe exhaust. External wastegate outlets into screamer pipe pointed at pedestrians for fun drive bys. The whole setup makes a pretty damn respectable 183.5HP at the tread.

Heath-26 Heath-29

The exterior has a undergone a few changes to that personalise the build. His paint work as he puts it is ‘modified by nature’ which gives a lovely patina of faded paint and a touch of surface rust, not to mention a long term fuel cap leak has caused a lovely fuel stain. A couple of changes such as JDM tail lights and front guard indicators are in place but the biggest change is the height and stance of the car. Some HQ springs and some rear leaf work gets this thing significantly closer to the ground and some 15×7.75 +7.5 and 15×8 +5 SSR Starsharks with some custom orange centres really set this thing apart from the crowd.

Heath-3 Heath-9

His interior is mostly original and in amazing condition with an uncracked dash and spot-on trim. There are a few non standard accessories though like a 240C Coupe auto-seek radio (fancy), electrical aerial & switch, tacho, metric Speedo and a full length under-dash parcel shelf.

Heath-10 Heath-23

According to Heath a new story is created every time the car gets full of people. Drive-in movies, beach holidays with mates, brewery tours, road trips like the recent trip scraping the whole way to Summernats in Canberra, etc which are all creating awesome memories. It’s a particularly social car, and the passengers in the rear seats can easily engage with other road & footpath traffic.

Heath-3 Heath-6

Heath would like to thank everyone in the car community who keeps him inspired, but special mentions to Michael Gray who’s always keen to lend a hand when a motor has to come out of a car, and Bradley Cannizzo who seems content to continue helping out with any wiring problems.