The newly completed Club Circuit at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, an hour south of Auckland was basically created to accommodate the drifting scene without disrupting other forms of racing on the main circuit.

Weather conditions were perfect and the early morning start made for some beautiful lighting.

This was the first D☆CLub GP event, where you could only attend if you had an invite. The good thing about this is that the majority of the people invited all know each other and in turn makes for a great atmosphere and not a massive field of vehicles, which makes for more track time!

Once again in true New Zealand style there was a diverse field of vehicles and some rare ones too! Like Stan’s 4AGE powered AE70 Toyota Corolla Hardtop.

Jordan Tweedie drove his car down to the track. He was throwing down some super aggressive reverse entry’s the whole day! Amazing driving from him.

Dominic Griffin’s widebody S15 Silvia was performing well all day and getting some decent smoke clouds.

There was even a couple of AE86’s out on the track in their natural habitat. They were both very tidy examples and to have them out on the track was great to see!

The only difference is that one of the event organisers, Keisuke Nagashima’s AE is now packing a decent power making SR20DET. The power of the turbo paired with a very light car makes this thing an absolute animal.

Brothers Adam and Joel Hedges from C’s Garage were having some intense battles in their Orign Labo Livery Nissan’s.

Another old school car that was out there giving it a good go was Benjamin Baker’s R31 Nissan Skyline.

Nathan Malmo took home the Encouragement Award after driving very consistent all day.

Carl  Goodwin made an appearance with his 1200 + hp quad rotor. This car is insane and if you’re familiar with world time attack you would have seen it there going sideways. When this starts up and is idling you know straight away this is a serious drift car.

D1NZ drivers dominated on the day, it was a perfect time for them to get in some practice as they would be drifting the exact same section in the up coming D1NZ round.

With so many Japan inspired livery’s it almost felt like being at a drift event over there.

For being a first time event it was put together amazingly well and the next D☆CLub GP drift day is going to be something to keep an eye out for.


Bonus Images.