Calder Park in Victoria was host to round 3 of the DCA Walls Drift Festival. With cars coming from far and wide, an epic battle of man and machine lay ahead at the Thunderdome with the walls here claiming many a victim. The many scrapes along these walls tell their own stories which have belted many a driver here over times gone by. With the weather playing nice, it wasn’t freezing and just a light breeze, it seemed it was going to be a nice day of racing and battles ahead.

It wasn’t long into the first session before the red flags had been brought out. A wild card entry by a local wild hare had brought the racing to a standstill. The hare was actually leading with the fastest approach to the clipping point along the wall, until it all went terribly wrong and a leg had buckled sending it hurtling into the wall and losing control. The emergency response team immediately sprung into action and tried everything in vain to save the hare and was brought back to the Emergency Medical Centre . But in the end nothing could be done as the injuries were just too severe.  The Emergency Response Team member 1st on the scene is believed to have been devastated  and is receiving counselling.   The Dome is harsh and takes no prisoners……  Meanwhile the track was cleared and went back to racing.

With the day wearing on, the Dome had taken its toll on cars as well, with those making it to the end worthy of praise. At the end of the day/night it was the drivers from South Australia showing the rest of the country how it’s done. A mighty effort from all of those from S.A.  indeed! Well done and well deserved. 1st going to Scott Miller in his S13, 2nd Dale Campaign in his Onevia, 3rd Warwick in the mental E46 BMW and 4th went to Paul Austin in his Sil80.

Big shout out to Luke Finke for a killer event as usual and all the volunteers that made it possible at the dome, and the spectators as well. Enjoy the pics, till next time.