In conjunction with Round 3 of D1NZ Cooper Tyres Mount Maunganui put on the Street Kings Showcase, and some of the coolest and cleanest cars from NZ turned up, everything from Silvias to old school lowriders and everything in between.

The Street King Showcase was held out the back of the stadium next to the pit area, so if at any time people wanted a break from the on track action they could head out the back and grab some food or a drink and wander around all the cool cars on display.

Of course it wouldn’t be NZ if there wasn’t at least one rotary, the plates on this scream to the world that this is a factory optioned 20B Mazda Eunos Cosmo. Which means it is a reasonably rare car, as only 40% of the nearly 8,900 JC Eunos Cosmos built were optioned with the 20B.

There was also several other rotary powered vehicles there, including this incredibly unique 323 Wagon, which was sporting a WW2 warbird inspired airbrushed paint scheme, and had a slammed Little Tikes Cozy Coupe strapped to the roof.

The immaculate condition of the engine bay on this RX-7 stood out, and then you notice the paint on it, it’s absolutely insane, the way the flake shines in the sun is beautiful!

Another car that caught really stood out from the crowd was this sweet little highlighter yellow Mini, the bright yellow paint is the first thing that catches your eye, and then you take a closer look and realise that it’s significantly wider than your average Mini! I’m sure this is a car that will divide opinions, there will be people who will love it, and people that will hate that someone has cut up a Mini.

Another one of the cars that really attracted attention had to be this slammed S14.3 rocking a Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku Livery, you can’t help but notice it as you walk past!

There was also a huge turnout from Tauranga Evolution, which is a chapter of Evolution New Zealand, seeing 12 Evos of different Generations all lined up next to each other is pretty cool.

There was also several Subarus that turned up, including this pretty serious looking Hawkeye WRX that is significantly wider than it came out of the factory. The rather large front mount intercooler lurking behind the front bumper also suggests that this car is making a decent amount of power!

There was a massive turnout of old school lowriders, everything from Caddilacs to Impalas, all showing off their hydraulic suspension in different ways, from completely laying frame to 3 wheeling.

Another large group of cars that showed up was S-Chassis, from S13s through to S15s, they were all very clean examples as well, with everything from tidy street cars all the way through to purpose built drift cars.

A couple of eye catching examples were this immaculate widebody RPS13 rocking Work VS-XX wheels, it also has a bunch of Origin Labo parts on it, including those insane +55 mm fenders front and rear.

The other one that really attracted attention was this S14.5 drift car which is also rocking a large number of Origin Labo parts, including a Racing Line front bumper, and front and side Under Canards. It looks extremely clean yet aggressive at the same time!

Along with the cars there was also one or two bikes that were on display, including this incredibly sinister looking Harley Davidson, it looks so aggressive all blacked out!

We will leave you with a few final photos, and will be back soon with a post of all the action from Round 3 of the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship.

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