336a2241What happens when one of the world’s largest brands sets its latest game in Australia, and gives the who’s who of the Aus car scene a brief to create two cars that are worthy of being in the highly anticipated Forza horizon III title? An all fortnighter… That’s right both these cars came from a concept on paper to the finished product in just two weeks. That’s no mean feat to build one car, but the team managed to build both these monsters. With the end result making you choose if you’re #teamimport or #teamaussie.. Fast forward to Wednesday the 21st of September, and it was time to lift the covers and get some power figures.


The highly skilled team consisting of Mark from Street FX, Andrew from Motive DVD, and Loz from Hardtuned, among others turned to Australia’s best brands to source parts for these extensive builds. We are so fortunate in Australia to have so many world class products produced here.. When it comes to the manufacturing of performance parts, Australia is on par with anywhere in the world. Turbosmart, MCA Suspension and 6Boost are just some of these brands, and are world leaders in their respective fields.


I love turning up early to events like this, there is nothing like seeing the street slowly fill up with some serious horsepower. The rumble of exhausts set the background music as I make my way up and see what cars GT Auto Garage had on display. And one of the first cars to catch my eye was this super clean R35 GTR, and equally impressive Veilside widebody R32.


Once darkness fell it was time to kick off proceedings. First to start the party were some high powered street cars. The grey Mustang pushing over 600 hp. Although official power figures for the dream drive cars haven’t been released, it has been said that combined they have made over 1500 hp.


With the huge amount of hype surrounding the release of both the cars, and the game, the event was live streamed on Facebook. It’s amazing that with a simple modern day smartphone you can bring together fans from all over the world, with over a million views on various live streams from the event.


The night went off without a hitch. And considering the time it takes to put cars on the hub dyno, there was barely any downtime, keeping the crowd pumped the whole night. With all the cars run and done what else is there to do.. Well when you have a Ferrari and a Lamborghini  side by side you have a good old fashion rev off. Eargasm’s were had by all.. There is just something about half a million dollars free revving and backfiring..

336a2165-2coll-3You couldn’t have a event like this without giving people the first chance to play the demo of Forza Horizon 3. Seeing this S15 make short work of the Byron bay streets makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside.. In Australia our government doesn’t see eye to eye with the car enthusiasts, with even the likes of Ken Block and his Gymkhana series banned, It’s great to see Australia broadcast into millions of teen’s bedrooms worldwide.


Now that Qld’s turn is done. Its on to NSW, and to Sydney Dragway on the 27th to settle the score over the 1/4 mile. This is your chance to see what your car does against a living breathing game concept car. With over $3,000 of prize money up for grabs it should be another epic event. Entry is free to spectate and all other details can be found here : https://www.facebook.com/events/105586433237798/


Full Specs on both cars are as follows :


JHH built 2.8L stroker RB26 (RB28), 1650cc injectors, Trust Greddy front mount intercooler, Single turbo conversion with GTX352R turbocharger (“hand-me-down” from Motive DVD’s project R32), Turbosmart wastegate and BOV, 6boost exhaust manifold, Aftermarket Industries SP800 dual pump surge tank, MCA coilover suspension, Hankook Z221 Semi Slick tyres (265/35/18 front and rear), Ferrari F40 brake calipers, 6 point roll cage, Custom Importz HiCas lock bar and 18×10.5 TE37SL


HSV Gen-F LSA Supercharged engine, Supercharger pulley (increased boost), Tekno Autosports camshaft, Tekno Extractors, Tekno Intake, Varex bimodal stainless steel sports exhaust, MCA coilover suspension, Audioexpress twin Xbox system mounted in the rear, Hertz monoblock amplifier & subwoofer, Paddle shift steering wheel conversion, AudioExpress TV headrests with inbuilt DVD and Xbox display, Koya 20×9.5 and 20×11 rims, Solar Style window tint

Thanks to:

GT Auto Garage (Tim Hung & David Lenthall)
Tekno Performance (Greg Markham)
Motive DVD (Andrew Hawkins)
MCA Suspension (Josh Coote)
Hankook Tyres
Aftermarket Industries (Julian Austin)
Audio Express (Chris Rogers)
JHH Racing (Wilfred Chang)
Hardtuned (Loz Glen)
Solar Style Window Tinting (Emily Fleming & Shannon Fleming)
Five Star Signs (Ryal Harris & Josh Mackey)
SOAP Marketing (Ashley Ringrose)
TyreHype (Tyson Scholz)
Custom Importz (Kahli Bell & Tom Bell)
Koya Wheels


Catch you in Sydney..