Photography and Story by Matthew Everingham.

We’re a pretty lucky bunch, the automotive scene in Australia is thriving. Interest in modified cars and our culture has grown exponentially over the past few years. The biggest stroke of luck though, is the connectivity we now share and the vast number of guys and girls working behind the scenes to keep us organised!

We’ve seen the car community flourish and fade before, but it lacked the connectivity we have now, and more importantly, the dedicated people behind the scenes who work hard to keep pushing the scene to grow TOGETHER. Last Friday night was another strong step to show just how far we’ve come as a group, as a single community.

Friday, 29th March saw our first ever COMMUNITY End of Month Meet! Judging from feedback from both the event organisers and the crowd, I’d say it won’t be the last COMMUNITY event either. So what makes it special? Usually an event is hosted by one club/page/crew, and it mostly attracts only that section of the community.


Instead of one car crew or blog hosting the event, Sergio  Capozzi, head ALL STAR, had a better idea and approached a number of groups with the idea to share the event and run it as a team. Everyone loved the idea and the rest is history! The Estblshd crew even made a trip up from Mexico, Victoria to share the event. 🙂

CEOMM#1 was hosted by Garage 88, alongside Sydney’s new Motorsport Park. Speed Nation, All Stars, Zen, The-Lowdown, Estblshd and the Turbo-Spec. The different crews opened trade stands and showed off their goodies and took advantage of the event as an opportunity to talk face to face with the face instead of keyboard mashing.


Some of Sydney’s finest rides were proudly on display centre stage.


From 5pm and on into the night a constant stream of cars made their way along Peter Brock Drive and tried to find a park,  some were content to just cut laps up and down for the admiring crowd.

We found some interesting carpark finds! This 86 looks confused :p

Without a doubt this was one of favorite cars from the night, Black on Black with plenty of good taste and sensibilities! When ever we walked past, there was always a small crowd appreciating!

It’s easy to see the heritage when new and old 86’s are next to each other.

Plenty of 370’s made their way out too

and now some random shots…

During the peak of the night, the street was packed for almost a solid kilometre of parked cars. Best of all, they weren’t just one type of car. GTR’s, Beamers, Commo’s, Dubs, Rollas and Evo’s lined the street on both sides.

Police were present, both with a marked and a couple of unmarked cars keeping an eye on us for a while, but this proved to be unwarranted as ‘Dickhead Factor’ (over revving, burn outs, etc) was set almost to 0% for the whole night! One car was caught speeding on their way to the event, but we’re told someone just missed a lower speed sign. Oops!  The cops were really impressed by how mature and well behaved we were as a group!

Everything was perfect! Even the weather was in fine form, treating us with an amazing sunset over the Blue Mountains. The chilled out vibe was infectious and exactly what was needed to close out another hectic working week. Everyone was full of smiles and playin around. Watch out! it’s a shoot out!

DJ’s spun tracks and provided a live sound track for the night, that along with some pretty tough sounded engines.

Check out those awesome t-shirts! 😉 We shared a marquee with the Turbo-Spec Boys.

Even though it was one of the larger events it was one the most chilled out, relaxed events I’ve been to. Everyone was in a great mood and the sense of community spirit was high. How do you top an event with a hoverboard? :O


Let’s all work together and start planning  COMMUNITY#2. Let’s prove it wasn’t a solo show, and is just the beginning of a new great tradition!


You can find more images from the event here on our Facebook Gallery! Don’t forget to tag your car or your friends!