Here at Speednation there is not alot we haven’t covered when it comes to Cars and Race Cars, except one genre which I haven’t ticked off my list yet. How does 900-950 horsepower sound in a body with 600 odd kilos? And that’s including the driver……Add massive wings and sideways action and you have yourself a fire breathing spitting snarling Sprint car.  We headed to Avalon Raceway in Melbourne and attended the Combined Waste – Jackpot Invitational  to see these machines up close. Walking around the pits you see the cars being pushed around as Sprintcars dont have a key start. They rely on being pushed to start.

On Sprintcars, the Right Rear is larger than the Left Rear. The reason for that is Sprint Cars have a once-piece rear axle connecting the left and right wheels and do not have differentials, therefore if the rear tires were the same size, the driver would probably end up in the fence! Another great feature is that for tonights event, qualifying is chosen by the fans! Children accompany drivers to the whiteboard where children draw random numbers and that decides the grid positions!!! How awesome is that! After pre drivers meetings and car setups being done, drivers are breath tested to make sure everyone is 00 before the action gets underway.

So with everything ready to go its time for the knock out races to begin. Tonights event also has Wingless sprints in support. These cars run no wings and also run V6 engines which also sound great on full noise banging and popping away. As the racing begins its all organised chaos, All the cars being pushed to get started, the smell of methanol mixed by the sound of V8’s. Every man for himself!! Then I notice on the outside of the  corners along the fences, are totally covered in mud and some spectators as well. The smart ones have blankets or plastic strips to hide behind so they dont get a nice layer of mud to themselves.

The action is fast and furious from the moment the flag drops, blink and you’ve missed something. Racing wheel to wheel fully sideways by the skin of bees…… you know what. Sometimes cars touch or they bump each other with the wheels, which the unlucky car might tag the fence or wall on the outside. or the odd broken tie rod on the steering which has the cars towed off very quickly so the action can continue. The way its run is very professional and awesome for the spectators as well. Racing went well into the night. But in the end the winner  of the $10,000 Combined Waste – Jackpot Invitational went to car pictured below of Steven Lines who bagged himself and team a nice 1ok!!!  Do yourself a favour and have a look at and check out an event so you can attend and even have a great family night out! Unless your in another state, then google your local Speedway track for more info.   Enjoy the pics below till next time.

      Event Winner – Steven Lines