As the date for Fitted Festival rolled around, my photography work shifted more toward working with 35mm film as a medium. There’s something about its character, its involvement and nostalgic aura that enthralls not only the photographer, but also its entire audience and gives a somewhat altered view of the subject matter and I think this same ideology can be rolled over to the resurgence of classic cars seen nowadays.

So when the event finally rolled around after two previous wash outs, it became an opportunity to trial what skills I’d acquired with film and showcase some of the raw metal and mechanics that are the classic cars of a modern show!The number of classic cars within the culture has grown significantly within the past few years, with no shortage of both personal vehicles, team projects and traders putting their work up on display at the 2017 Fitted Festival. This beautiful custom Plymouth Barracuda was parked alongside the Forged trophies on stage for the entirety of the show and was quite the sight as the sun fell behind it and beneath the skyline that was Sydney Airport.For a car scene that is stereotypically dominated by the Australian Ford and Holden rivalry, the American and Japanese markets were well represented here, providing examples of tasteful modifications and immaculate factory specified vehicles.This Ford Mustang was restored to perfection and whilst not parked up with all the big name car builders, its’ rear bar was face to face with a Holden VL Commodore which underneath, held a secret no JDM fan could turn down.As the day slowly progressed, beginning in the early hours of the morning, the location began to fill with entrants. All meticulously caring for and making the final touches on their pride and joys for when the spectator gates were to be opened. The smell of wax & polish was brewed by the developing late afternoon breeze and by no means did the threat of rain or frostbite deter any participants this time around!You could tell the event was in full swing by late afternoon. Music being pumped out by the live DJ’s, food trucks all cooking up a storm, and everyone there had settled in for what was going to be another great year for Fitted Festival.The pair of these awesome custom lowriders took pride of place amongst passerby’s, stationed just after the entrance gates, they captured the essence of classics in a nutshell.Whilst there were no banners flapping in the breeze around these two, or promo girls lent up against their guards, they are perfect examples of early automotive luxury kept in near pristine condition.American beasts lurked all over the event, with hot rods, low riders and even Four-By-Fours springing up their stances.You’d think Fitted is predominantly compiled of cars, trophies and traders. But it also featured a number of bikes! In particular, the stand set up from Harley Davidson. They had a few of their late model bikes on display as well as a dyno that was running live during the event.With the Japanese makes and models out in full force, their classic heritage was all over Fitted Festival. Everything from the copious amounts of Mazda RX generations, to the Datsun’s that had all parked up together, including that of my own.

Rolling overhead was the unnerving sight of darker clouds and unfortunately, Fitted was about to surrender to the one condition that had prolonged this day for the many months. Rain.Now although the masses of spectators had only been there for a couple of hours, the majority of competitors and entrants had been there for the best part of a day. So by about 9pm it had all come to an abrupt halt as the rain began washing us all out of the venue.Fitted Festival had prepared a spectacular array of trophies for the event and they quickly scurried along to ensure they were all presented before the surplus of rumbling lumpy camshaft’s and rotary braaps washed out the PA system. As for the remainder of the evening, it was spent in long cues of traffic with the music on pointing out the cars you hadn’t seen yet in the distance or on the other side of the fence.