We had a great day today out at Terry Hills Cavallino’s restaurant at the VW Golf Supercar meet.  The turnout was great, though I was a little disappointed that some uninvited non supercars showed up.  Still, ignore them what a day!  Its so nice to see people are prepared to drive these things on public roads, and not just hide them away in garages or in museums.

Saw this amazing looking VW supercar parked on display!  Unfortunately my timing was a bit off, and some loser in a several hundred thousand dollar rare first series LP400 Lamborghini Countach got in the shot!  🙁  Still, look at those supercar rims!  Amazing engineering!

Next up, a [b]super rare[/b] Golf [B]R[/b].  1 of only 346 million ever made, the owner was kind enough to let me take a photo of it for free!  Epic.  Couldn’t quite crop out the Ferrari 308 unfortunately.  Its a shame they let those in really.

Had to be quick as this Golf was leaving (obviously had enough of the all the attention he was getting!)  Couldn’t really get a clear shot because of all the people chasing after him.  I’m sure you can spot those supercar lines though, just behind the Porsche 993 turbo, but ahead of the GT40, and behind the Ferrari Challenge Stradale.  

This special exotic was hiding in the corner of the display area.  Luckily I’ve an eye for exotics and managed to capture it.  Typically though, right as I snapped a photo, some twin turbo v8, 580 horsepower RS6 drove past. Dammit!

Oh man what a treat was next!  You just never see the Golf R in white.  And here is one!  I got sick of these silly 600hp 10 second Lamborghini’s clogging up my shot so I just cropped them out.  Couldn’t get the rare Austin Healy out of the shot unfortunately, but you can still see the R in all its 14 second glory.  What a machine.

Wow did I struggle to get to the front of the line to get this photo.  An even rarer Golf [b]GTI[/b]!.  Having only seen about 27 of them on the way to Terry Hills, I was super excited to see #28.  I asked the owner of the run of the mill Maserati to shift his car out of the picture but incredibly, he didn’t agree.   Some people. :rolleyes:

We’ll do a more comprehensive post through the week, but this should keep you going for now!

Can’t wait until next month when we do it all again!

Guest Contributor: Ben Cornett