Cars & Coffee is a Sunday morning ritual for automotive enthusiasts around the world. Popular for its friendly atmosphere and community vibe it manages to bring together and unite people in cities far and wide. Car owners rise early to fire up their pride & joy before making the drive to designated meeting points. They are welcomed by the aroma of freshly ground coffee and greeted by a crowd of like-minded people. A wide range of makes and models happily mix together in the car parks, this event does not discriminate. It’s an opportunity to catch up with your mates before heading out on a Sunday cruise and a place to meet new people and form new friendships. Cars & Coffee is unique, diverse and always an event to look forward to on the automotive events calendar.

Speed Nation held their inaugural Cars & Coffee event last weekend at the Stables shopping centre in Golden Grove, South Australia. Despite the wet weather plenty of cars showed up to enjoy the morning. This Evo and WRX arrived early, passing a nice pair of Mitsubishi Galant VR4’s on the way in.


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution seems to be a popular choice of car these days and are a common sight at local meets. Their bang-for-buck and highly tuneable nature make them ideal performance machines. These Evo’s rolled through the entrance together, the lead car with it’s wider body thanks to some custom metal guards.


Adding to the mix of cars was this Ford Fairlane 500 being admired as it cruised in to find a space to park. A beautifully clean and original example of this piece of Australian motoring history.


People wandered around the car park exploring the cars on show and talked to owners about their projects. The great thing about Cars & Coffee is the laid back pace and sense of community. Owners are approachable and happy to have a chat about their car and the story behind it.


The timeless and iconic shape of the Mark 1 Ford Escort, what a great little car to get some driving experience with whilst on your provisional licence.


The police made an early appearance, but not to harass modified car owners or threaten with defect notices. Despite how this picture may look, they were on hand to observe and chat to enthusiasts about their cars and the legalities involved with modifying them.


A duo of very different sports coupes from two very different generations.


Some Japanese warriors lined up together in a section of the car park. This highly modified Toyota Chaser sat alongside an incredibly clean R32 GT-R. Awesome 90’s Japanese heroes.


The Cressida in the background was sporting an aggressive stance with some fat rubber to match. I wondered what lied beneath the bonnet to power this car and make use of its setup.


Also aggressive was this HSV GTS, somehow I don’t think this large 4-door would have any trouble coming to a stop. Chatting with the owner revealed a lot of modifications have been added to this car and its 6.2L supercharged V8.


About half an hour into Cars & Coffee the rain started to fall. Most people sought shelter at the shopping centre entrance and gathered around the coffee shops. A handful of people braved the rain to snap some photos or continue their walk around the car park.


Aussie utes are a common sight around Adelaide, they are a popular choice of car and are widely modified. This Holden SS ute is V8 powered and flaunting some body add-ons and aftermarket wheels.


An old International truck isn’t at all out of place at a meet such as Cars & Coffee.


A rare Wolfsburg edition VW Golf R wagon wearing some Japanese made Work wheels. This one is APR tuned and impressively quick.


Keeping with the white wagon theme was this M35 Nissan Stagea. A great looking car to haul the family around or do the shopping in some haste.


The M3 is one of BMW’s most famous sports car badges and the E36 M3 is a well loved member of this fast family. A little more subtle than its most recent versions, the performance and characteristics of this M3 have made it a modern classic.


Honda’s DC2 Integra Type-R is somewhat of a cult icon in the Japanese car scene. The lightweight coupe is famous for its high revving VTEC engine and sharp handling. Original examples like this one are a rare sight.


But when it comes to legendary cult status, the R32 GT-R takes the cake. Commonly referred to as “Godzila”, these cars can be built into absolute monsters!


A bit of wet woody action…


The rain didn’t seem to ease up and this Mustang copped a heavy shower.


Not alone though the Ford Mustang was parked near another piece of American muscle, the Chevrolet Camaro SS. Two very menacing figures.


Also parked next to each other was this awesome pair of Mazda wagons. The sound from the rotary engines as the cars rolled in was amazing and always seems to turn heads.


When you mix JDM with an Australian family saloon, this is what you get. Wide Japanese made Work wheels and a bit of low make this Ford Falcon sit really nice, not a common look for this type of car.


Still wearing its livery from the recent Adelaide Motorsport Festival was this Volvo saloon. Sitting next to it was a facelift model Volkswagen Scirocco R on a set of Audi wheels.


A British built Ford Zephyr taking some time to reflect…


Come 10am people began to leave, heading out to enjoy the rest of their Sunday. Perhaps not as many went out to enjoy a hills drive in these soaking conditions however. A sweet little Datsun 1600 makes its way to the exit…


The rain may have kept some people away, but that didn’t stop this first Cars & Coffee meeting from being a great success. A great range and number of cars were on display for everybody to enjoy. The coffee was great and the company even better. Hopefully with some sunshine the next event will prove to be even better. Keep your eyes on the SpeedNation calendar and we look forward to seeing you there!

Words and photos by Matt Castle