Beggz, leader of the NZ Fijian Car Club, has a history of owning fast Mitsubishi chassis. Prior to purchasing his 2003 Lancer Evolution 8, he had a very respectable Honda Civic EG which he had built from the ground up. Like many N/A cars, you get to a certain point, when to get to the next level requires a lot more time and money.

Initially, Beggz was looking for a stock standard CT9 chassis that he could start the build cycle all over again with. Thinking back to the Honda build, he wasn’t really sure if he wanted to go through all of that again.


Enter 2DCVIN.


An offer came up that was too good to refuse. It already had a lot of the ground work done, all Beggz had to do was add his own touch special touch.

He made the plunge. Now the rest is history!


It seemed only right to carry over the 2DCVIN number plate onto the Evo, from the outside it looks relatively stock, which was the look he was going for. Not too over the top, but enough to make it stand out.


Once you start to look a bit closer, you’ll notice that the Evo 8 is now sporting a genuine Evo 9 rear bumper and Evo 8MR tail lights. To top it all off the factory spoiler has been removed, and in its place is a DO-Luck carbon fibre lip spoiler.


He’s also added a Vortex Generator, side skirt extensions and rear bumper extensions.


It’s not until you look closely at the front grille that you’ll see something that is rarely found on Evos.


Sitting behind the GReddy pod filter, is a Garrett GT3586R Twin Scroll Billet turbo, buddied up with a custom made front facing exhaust manifold.


Now, here’s where it starts to get interesting! Hidden under the bonnet is a fully forged 4G63. Pretty much nothing in this engine bay has had any expenses spared, It has a GSC 2.2L stroker kit, along with a forged crankshaft and forged rods. It also has CP short skirt pistons, ACL race bearings, and ARP head studs.


The idle also gives away that its not a stock Evo, thanks to the Kelford 280 degree cams, and HKS adjustable cam gears.


With all those engine mods, fuel needs to be able to get around efficiently. That’s made possible thanks to a Walbro in-tank lift pump, 2x Bosch 044 main pumps, a custom surge tank, ID 2000cc injectors, an HKS fuel rail and an SX fuel regulator.


I know what you’re all thinking, how much power is it putting down? It’s making over 400KW at the wheels. Beggz doesn’t want to release the exact figures just yet!


With having such a heavy engine work, he still wanted it to be comfortable to drive for whatever application he uses it for, whether it is drag racing, circuit time, or just cruising around on the streets.


The interior is relatively unchanged, it still has 5 seats and only a few interior pieces have been changed. Such as the Ralliart gear knob, and a GReddy boost gauge.


Before he cracked the 400KW mark, it ran a 11.4 second ¼ mile. Beggz will now be a lot closer to catching that 10 seconds pass!

Photo & Story by Glen McNamara

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