Boyza Thailand was started in 2008 by a new generation of people who love modified cars and motorbikes, It started out as a small group, but over the last 6 years it has grown into a quite a large group.



The Boyza club successfully brings together a wide range of people and car scenes. This was their seventh event, and their biggest.

Due to the crazy growth, and their ambition to genuinely be the very best event in Thailand, they now they have around 30 staff members to manage their events.

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I was able to conduct a short interview with one of the Boyza Thailand staff members, Mr. Kom.

He said he is incredibly proud of the event and he tries to make everyone happy.
He thinks it’s so successful because many groups join together.

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Around 7000 people attended this year.
The point of the event is that once a year enthusiasts around the country come to meet up, there is also plenty of other attractions, including a massive beauty pageant for the girls. Again, this was massive with more than 1,000 beauties entered!

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It also gives people the opportunity to see cars that are less common on the roads such as Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk kitted cars.
The Boyza Team aims to make the event better every year.

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