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Today I had the pleasure of attending the Broadford Motorcycle Complex. Situated just over an hour north of Melbourne, this complex had a bit of everything. There is something for every type of rider, including a dirt course, road course and Motocross as well.

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The main event for today however was the Interclub Race.

Featuring a mix of:

  • Sidecars
  • Formula 4 = 125GP, 250GP, GP3, Supernates, 2 stroke singles over 200cc, Supermono/Supermotard, 250cc 2 stroke Road Based Machines.
  • Formula 3 = Formula 400,Clubsport Lite and Twin Sprint, 250cc,300cc and 400cc 4 strokeRoad based Machines.
  • Formula 2 = Classic (1946-1962), Poat ClaSSIC (1963- 1972), Period 5 (1973-1982), Period 6 (1983-1990) and Pre Modern (1991-2006).
  • Formula 1B = 600cc Road Based Machines.
  • Formula 1A = Superbike, 4-stroke twin.

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The morning had a definite chill in the air, a lovely 2c with a misty fog and absolutely no wind. Setting the scene for the scenic backdrop of the hills that surrounded the track. The track itself is a 12 turn tarmac course stretching over 2.14km, running clockwise with great undulations and sweeping corners. There was a large variety of bikes competing over the day and this built to an amazing anticipation for the days racing.

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There is something that just loses you in the moment with the sound of bikes popping and banging with the glorious sight of such a nice backdrop of hills in the background. As the engine whine grows gradually louder as they approach and the roar disappears into the misty air as they fade into the distance there is an amazing sense of how quickly they are moving around the track.

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As I snapped the shutter madly I couldn’t help losing the feeling in my fingers from the cold. As suddenly as the bikes were lapping the circuit, the weather decided to turn, the wind had picked up and rain had started to fall. Now the track had been declared wet it would be a whole different approach for the riders. The day unfolded to be one of those days, where it would rain for 10 min, the skies would clear only then to see the rain come back again. But with remaining so cold, it was difficult for the track to dry out at all in the brief bursts of clear skies.

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There were a couple of offs here and there, but on the whole it was a great event and a great days riding had by most.

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If you’re a bike lover in Melbourne, make sure you head up to Broadford for a few laps, or even to just sit back and enjoy spine tingling sound of bikes in a beautiful relaxed environment.