Jay Medlen is traditionally a rotary enthusiast. Owning several Mazda’s including an RX2 coupe that was built from the ground up over the course of 16 years, but when an offer came that was too good to refuse it was time for Jay to buy one of his dream cars, a ’78 Porsche 911.

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I’m sure a lot of kids have grown up with a poster of a 911 or 930 on their wall. Jay was no exception. When this ’78 911 SC popped up for sale just 2 days after his RX2 was sold Jay was all over it, unfortunately so were 50 other potential buyers and the car looked lost, but a follow up call a day later revealed the original buyer had dropped out so Jay rushed straight there and brought it home.

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Just like every car guy Jay wanted to make this 911 his own. He had visions of a tough looking road car with a touch of race influence from a GT3 RS. So he set about to make it happen and lucky for Jay the car was in amazing condition already. Among the paperwork was a receipt for $20,000 from the late 90’s for paint and panel, which to this day still looks immaculate and menacing in black.

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An altitude adjustment was the first on the cards and Mark Poole motorsport was happy to help with some upgraded torsion bars and Koni shocks to get it much closer to the ground. The guards were then filled with some Japanese Work Meister S1, sporting 18×9 up front and an impressive 18×11 in the rear. Interior touches such as a Momo Mod 7 wheel, a pair of fixed back Recaros, harnesses to suit and a half cage helped to tie the look together.

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A fresh rebuild on the 3L air-cooled 6 cylinder helps to get the car up and moving at a good pace, but that’s also Jay’s next area to upgrade. With the help of Mark Poole Jay plans to get quite a lot more power out of the classic 6.

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