yamaha-1Next on our radar was the seductress – Jessy Grace, to continue our ‘Babes of WTAC’ Series.

SN: Who are you working for today?
Jessy: I’m working for Yamaha!

SN: Nice, does that mean you get to work with the super talented Dave Mckenna?
Jessy: Yes! He is a legend!

SN: What are the best/worst pick-up lines you’ve heard?
Jessy: I heard a really good one today! I was walking around and a guy said to me ‘feel my shirt material and guess what kind of material it is?’ I felt it, said I wasn’t sure. He replied with ‘husband material!’
SN: That’s actually a good one! Did it work?
Jessy: It frazzled me for sure, it’s still in my mind!yamaha-2

SN: What’s your daily driver?
Jessy: Ummm… [long pause, patting Luke on the bum for help]
SN: …What car do you drive?
Jessy: Ohhh! A Subaru Forester. I thought you meant who is my daily driver… Like, a person!
SN: …

SN: Lets move on. Favourite Cocktail?
Jessy: Mojito!

SN: Are you on Tinder? Funniest Tinder Experience?
Jessy: I recently broke up with my boyfriend, so I’ve been on Tinder for about 3 weeks. I’d just come back from Bathurst. This is quite an embarrassing story… I had my Tinder profile on while I was up there and went out on a date afterwards. I was wearing the exact same outfit that I had on Tinder. When I walked out the back, everyone was whispering ‘that’s Jessie, that’s her! The one from Tinder!’. The guy I was with pretended he didn’t even know me!

Luke’s Hot Tips: Don’t ask a girl what their daily is, they won’t understand! The boyfriend material line is a go, full steam ahead guys! And lastly, if you’re out with a girl as beautiful as Jessy here, if guys whisper as they did, turn to them and say proudly “Yes it is, and she’s here with me!”. If you’re reading this Jessy, poor form by that guy! If you want to know how a real date is done, you know where to find me! 😉


Want to see more of Jessy? Head over to her Instagram account – @Jessygrace1

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