Sam & Lauren were telling us we were doing it all wrong. Luckily they put us back on the whiteline!

SN: Who are you working for today?

SN: What are the best/worst pick-up lines you’ve heard?
Lauren: ‘Do you work at subway? Coz you’re giving me a footlong!’ or ‘do you mix concrete for a living? coz you’re making me hard’
SN: Wow, quite classy. did any of those work?
Lauren:No, unfortunately not.
Sam: Pick up lines are very 90’s, I actually don’t think I’ve had one. I just get the sneaky slide into the DMs, you know, the ‘heeyyyyyyyyy <3 <3’
SN: That’s a terrible pick up line.
Sam: Yeah its horrible.
SN: Don’t check your inbox [shifty eyes]

SN: For the guys out there, what tips would you give them to approach any girl?
Lauren: Be outgoing, be fun!
Sam: Be funny! But not arrogant.
SN: That’s a fine line…
Sam: Yeah it is. You can buy me a drink too, but not in a creepy way.
SN: Here drink this, don’t worry about those fuzzy bubbles!
Sam: Does this taste funny?
Lauren: Talk about cars, that will get me!

SN: What car do you drive?
Lauren: Nissan 180sx Type X
SN: Nice! Colour?
Lauren: White.
SN: Have you done anything to it?
Lauren: Lowered, exhaust, coilovers
SN: Wheels?
Lauren: No not yet, just stockies… for skids you know.
SN: Nice!
Sam: Mine is a White Subaru Forester

SN: Anything done to it?
Sam: No, nothing.
SN: Just a cruiser?
Sam: No its a mum car! To fit my 12 kids in!


SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Lauren: Cocktail?
SN: Alcoholic beverage.
Lauren: Oh, probably a beer. I don’t drink sweet girly drinks.
SN: Ok new question, favourite beer?
Lauren: Carlton Dry.
SN: So you like cars and you like beer?
Lauren: Yep, I’m a bogan.
Sam: I’m a weirdo, I like Bloody Marys.
SN: Ooo, we haven’t heard that one today.
Sam: Yep I love a good Bloody Mary, it’s like a meal in a cup. Its the best hangover drink, gets your potassium up, you get your little celery stick. Jump on it!

SN: Are you on Tinder? Funniest Tinder experience?
Lauren: I used to be on Tinder. Never met up with anyone coz they are all a bit weird.
SN: So off Tinder now, found yourself a guy?
Lauren: Yep!
SN: What pick up line did he use?
Lauren: None! We met at a car meet.
SN: Let me picture this, I bet you met at the car meet, over a beer, while doing skids on your stockies?
Lauren: Exactly, match made in heaven!
Sam: I am on Tinder but I don’t actually use it. It just sits there and occasionally my friends add me to groups.
SN: So you are just on there to give guys false hope?
Sam: Awwww noo, I do get on when I’m bored.
Sam: I had a really bad Tinder date, he wouldn’t talk at all, it was awkward through the whole date, he wanted me to pay at the end and I had to pick him up and drop him home. And he still tried to kiss me at the end of the date! Good luck buddy!
SN: No second date?
Sam: No 

Luke’s Hot Tips: Some girls actually like cars and skids, so go to a car meet, stop playing Pokemon Go, look up and there she’ll be! Tell her all about your stockies! Sam will let you buy her a Bloody Mary, just don’t be that guy that makes it fizz. Nobody likes that guy. And who would have guessed, when you’re on a date, apparently talking helps! Go figure.

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