Turbosmart; Engineered to win. Turbosmart girls; Engineered by god.

SN: What are your names?
Amelia & Anneliese 

SN: Who are you working for today?
Both: Turbosmart! Woohooo! 

SN: What are the best/worst pick-up lines you’ve heard?
Anneliese: The most common when you are handing things out is ‘oh does your number come with that?’
SN: Has it ever worked?
Anneliese: No, Never! Its dreadful and it’s way too overused, it will never ever work!
SN: Note to all guys, just stop, give up, this line is finished.
Amelia: Yeah the same thing, I usually just respond with ‘yeah it’s on the back, I’ve been handing it out to everyone!’

SN: Any advice for the guys when talking to girls? The pick-up lines don’t work, what does work?
Anneliese: Have confidence, but don’t be cocky. Be genuine, obviously humour goes a long way.
Ameila: Yeah I definitely like someone who can have a joke and be relatable.

SN: What car do you drive?
Anneliese: White Audi Q3
Amelia: I have a very old Toyota Rav4 , but it does have a really good sound system in it! You’ll see me rolling with the windows down.
SN: What’s worth more, the car or the sound system?
Amelia: Probably the sound system.

turbosmart-1SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Anneliese: Ummm, I forget what its called now, the one with the mint.
Amelia: Mojito?
Anneliese: Mojito! Any flavour Mojito!
Amelia: Mine would be a frozen Margarita 

SN: Are you on tinder? funniest Tinder Experience?
Anneliese: Yes, I’ve been on and had a little scope around there. My worst experience was when my Tinderfella was driving home at the end of the date. I’ve never been in a more awkward or silent situation. There was zero conversation so at one point I had to look out the window and say ‘Wow, those trees are green today!’
SN: Solid small talk!
Annalise: Later on I asked him what was wrong and he said ‘I was just enjoying your presence’
[hurling noises] Amelia: I’ve never been on Tinder, but I’m open to trying.
SN: So no partner? 
Amelia: No
SN: Why no Tinder so far though? 
Amelia: It’s scary! What if you get left swiped? What do you do?
SN: You never find out!
Anneliese: I’m off Tinder now though
SN: So you found a guy then? What line did he use?
Annalise: He asked me to his ball
SN: His what? 
Anneliese: His ball! Not balls! Singular!
[laughter] Anneliese: He did the Prince Charming, Cinderella thing and asked me to the ball, now been together six months.
SN: So Amelia, Single, not on Tinder, but going on Tinder soon?
Amelia: Yes! We need to take a good picture today, next to one of the cars or something.
SN: We’ll send you one!

Luke’s Hot Tips: If you want a guaranteed result, be prince charming, take a girl to a ball! One of the most important tips I can give you is, for goodness sake, call dibs! How I met your mother taught us that implied dibs is not a thing.

Oh and PS. Amelia… DIBS!

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