opticoat-1Getting to the dirty details with the Opti-Coat girls.

SN: What are your names?
Nikki, Katie, Stephanie, & Jasmine

SN: Who are you working for today?
All: Opti-Coat!

SN: What are the best/worst pick-up lines you’ve heard?
Nikki: Oh god, ‘how much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!’ 
SN: Not bad, did it work?
Nikki: No it didn’t. 
Katie: I don’t have one, I’ll pass
Stephanie: Ummm, don’t know, you’ve put me on the spot!
Jasmine: ‘God didn’t create you, he designed you!’
Nikki: I’ve got another one, so he was like ‘have you got a bandaid? I scraped my knee falling for you!’ 
SN: Surely that one worked?
Nikki: No, it’s so corny! 

SN: What car do you drive?
Nikki: Lancer
SN: Colour?
Nikki: White
Katie: Toyota Yaris, and it’s bright orange. I lost it in the car park
SN: How do you lose a bright orange car in the car park?
Katie: I don’t know! I’m not even blonde!
SN: I’m impressed!
Stephanie: Mazda 2 in sky blue
Jasmine: I have a gold Micra, like a creamy gold

SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Nikki: Ooo, probably a Mojito
Katie: Whiskey sour
Stephanie: Espresso Martini
Jasmine: Amaretto sour

SN: Are you on tinder? funniest Tinder Experience?
Nikki: NOPE!
Katie: Never been on Tinder! ever!
Stephanie: Never been on Tinder
Jasmine: I don’t have Tinder

Luke’s Hot Tips: If you’re going after an Opticoat girl, forget Tinder and pick up lines. You’re going to have to write a two page essay on why you deserve to date them!

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