SN: What are your names?
Kristy & Natalie 

SN: Who are you working for today?
Nitto Tyres.

SN: What are the best/worst pick-up lines you’ve heard?
Kristy: Can I enquire about the whole package?
SN: And did it work? 
Kristy: Absolutely not!
SN: Poor bloke..
Natalie: Oh the best? There’s not really been any good ones.
SN: Ok, give us a bad one.
Natalie: There’s a few I probably shouldn’t repeat.
SN: It’s OK we can censor out everything [blatant lie]

SN: Any tips for guys wanting to approach a good looking girl? 
Kristy: Introduce yourself, shake our hands say hi, how are you? How’s your day going? Just be Genuine, stop bullshitting! 
SN: Good advice
Kristy: And if a girl declines don’t harass! 
Natalie: Don’t go straight for the looks, ask us about personality type stuff like what we enjoy doing, things like that. It feels like you are more interested in us. 

SN: What car do you drive?
Kristy: Mazda 3.
SN: Colour?
Kristy: White, with pink number plates!
Natalie: Ford Fiesta and it’s charcoal.

SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Kristy: Cosmopolitan!
Natalie: Pina Colada!
SN: Wow, zero hesitation. you girls know what you like!

SN: Are you on tinder? funniest Tinder Experience?
Kristy: I’m not on tinder, sorry to disappoint you. 
SN: Happily taken then?
Kristy: No, just not on tinder. Prefer to meet genuine people in person.
Natalie: I’m not on Tinder, I will never be on Tinder. I’m single, but no Tinder!