SpeedNation caught up with Melissa Grace and Candii Banks to ask them the important questions for the first installment of our ‘Babes of WTAC’ Series.

SN: Who are you working for today? 
BOTH: Hi-Octane & World Time Attack.

SN: What’s the best or worst pick-up line you’ve heard?
Candii: I had one guy come up while I was driving my S15 and ask ‘is that your boyfriend’s car?’ he was driving a shitty station wagon so I asked if it was his mum’s car to shut him down. He hung his head in shame.
Melissa: Is it sad that I don’t get picked up? I don’t have any cheesy lines because no one uses them on me! Oh wait, I did have one guy say: ‘oh you’ve dropped something… my jaw’

SN: What car do you drive? What colour is it?
Melissa: An MX5 NB series, its blue
Candii: Blue S15

SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Melissa: [Breaking into song] IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS!
Candii: Vodka on the rocks with a little bit of lime.

SN: Are you on Tinder? Whats your funniest tinder moment?
Melissa: I’m not on tinder! I used to be
SN: Happily taken? 
Melissa: Happily taken!
Candii: I’ve never even downloaded Tinder, but I had someone make a fake profile of me. A friend of mine messaged me saying ‘I just swiped right on your profile, but I don’t think its you’. I quickly got to the bottom of that and I’m no longer on Tinder!


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