dsa-2 Getting schooled by drift babes Katie and Renata!

SN: What are your names?

Katie & Renata

SN: Who are you working for today?
Both: Drift School Australia
SN: Ohhh with Fernando Wiehrl!
Both: Yep! He’s the best!
SN: Right!? Even I have a little crush on him!

SN: What are the best/worst pickups lines you’ve heard?
Renata: Ooh, worst would have to be when I get a message that just says “wow”
SN: That’s not even a pick up line!
Renata: That’s how most guys do it!
SN: Well does it work? Does it get a response?
Renata: No, I usually just block
Katie: I got off the train yesterday and a guy said to me “oh sorry, I’ve forgotten your name and I’ve lost your number!”
SN: I give him points, bit of bravery there…
Katie: I just laughed and walked off. He could have done better.

SN: Give the guys out there some advice then if these tactics don’t work
Renata: I’d say don’t use a pick up line at all. Just be yourself, be authentic and original.
Katie: Be genuine, be you, because that is you. Don’t use pick up lines because they really don’t work!

SN: What car do you drive?
Renata: Volkswagen GTI
SN: Colour?
Renata: Black, with black with a little extra black
SN: With a white, white, white girl inside!
Renata: Very white, except in summer!
Katie: You can’t judge me because it’s my first car.
SN: You’re going to say Yaris aren’t you?
Katie: No, a baby green Hyundai Getz! It’s my little humbug.

SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Renata: I don’t really like cocktails… ummm. I like beer?
SN: Ok I’ve found my girl, stop the search! Favourite beer then?
Renata: Tooheys New Extra Dry
SN: Nevermind, continue the search!
Katie: I’m not really a cocktail girl either. I like Alize.


The photo above is the reaction I get from most girls while making a pun. She looks like she’s into it…right?

SN: Are you on tinder? funniest Tinder Experience?
Renata: Not on Tinder, but before I was with my partner my friends and I use to go on to set up dates with guys then never show up. Tell them I’ll meet them at the lighthouse. They’d message saying they’re here and I reply “yeah I’m 10 minutes away!”. I probably broke a few hearts.
SN: I have a follow up question to that, I went on one of those dates!
Katie: [laughing] He was probably waiting at the lighthouse for hours!
SN: I’ve never trusted a girl again! How do you feel?
Renata: Let’s be honest, you could never trust them to begin with could you!
Katie: I was talking to one guy called Caesar, I said “what up chicken caesar wrap?” he replied with “Baby you’re beautiful. I may be a caesar wrap but I can sweep you off your feet”. So I said “You’re nothing but a salad mate” Then he stopped talking to me.
SN: So are you still on Tinder?
Katie: No
SN: So found a guy?
Katie: No, I’m just an independent woman, who don’t need no man! [clicks fingers]

Luke’s Hot Tips: Renata, you have terrible taste in beer but the SpeedNation boys love you anyway, and Katie; that tinder experience was bad because none of it made sense. Or maybe he just Renata things to say? Ah ah, see what I did there?

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