choonga-rusty-2WARNING: This article contains mature themes and is intended for adults who have a sense of humour. 

Vicdrift President Choonga and Rusty’s own self, may not be your typical models, but they’ve they’ve got some stuff to say!

SN: Who are you working for today?
Choonga: Matt Russell
Rusty: Rusty.

SN: What are the best/worst pick-up lines you’ve heard?
Choonga: Pass
Rusty: ‘Show us ya lips your daddy doesn’t kiss’
SN: Did it work on you?
Rusty: No

It’s even better when you can hear it in Rusty’s sweet sultry voice: Click above for audio! 

SN: What car do you drive?
Choonga: Ford Transit
SN: Colour?
Choonga: White
SN: Any small chi….
Choonga: Don’t even.
Rusty: Red Chevrolet C10

SN: Favourite Cocktail?
Choonga: The one between the guys legs
SN: No thats just a cock
Choonga: Oh cockTAIL. Ah, yeah… espresso martini
Rusty: Coca Cola on ice
SN: [in Austin Powers accent] I also… like to live dangerously.

SN: Are you on tinder? Funniest Tinder Experience?
Choonga: No I’m not on Tinder, but I would like to be, so if you want to call me, any guys, just give me a call.
SN: Number?
Choonga: 1800CHOONGA
Rusty: I’m getting married in February.

Luke’s Hot Tips: All these girls are saying pick up lines don’t work, but Rusty goes and blows them all out of the water with the filthiest one I’ve heard and he’s getting married. I don’t know what to think now! Girls, hot tip for you all, Choonga is single and he gives the best hugs I’ve ever had! And you can take that to the bank!


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