Promo girls have been a huge part of Motorsport events ever since the first person realised that sex sells. There is more than meets the eye to a promo girl’s job, and love them or hate them, they will continue to be part and parcel of the automotive landscape.

luke-1SpeedNation’s own Whisperer – Luke Hobbs, tracked down all the amazing ladies of World Time Attack, found out just how hard they work, and how much they have to put up with. It’s a quirky take on the beautiful ladies that have called WTAC home for the 2016 event. Always interesting, and usually funny; read on for more.

Below you will find all chapters in our Speed Nation presents: Babes of World Time Attack Series. Click the pictures for the full interviews!

Check back often for more installments.

1. Melissa Grace & Candii Banks – Hi Octane & World Time Attackmodels-1
2. Jessy Grace – Yamaha Australia
3. Lauren & Estelle – Yokohama 
4. Amelia & Anneliese – Turbosmart 

5. Kristen & Stephanie – Haltech

6. Nikki, Katie, Stephanie & Jasmine – Opticoat

7. Amanda & Ashley – Summernats

8. Katie & Renata – Drift School Australia

9. Choonga & Rusty – Self representationchoonga-rusty-2

10. Sam & Lauren – Whiteline

11. Kiara & Esther – GCG Turbos 


More coming soon!

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