Once a year in the northern countryside of Victoria, motoring enthusiasts make the trip north to the annual ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock‘ to display their vehicles in the annual mega-car show presented at the base of the mountain. For those that feel like a challenge, visitors are welcome to hike to the top and enjoy some amazing views from its peak.

Hanging Rock


On Sunday February 12 2017, an impressive number of enthusiasts battled the poor weather conditions and enjoyed a great day of family picnics, barbecues, hiking, umbrellas and of course, admiring some jaw-dropping vehicles.

There was simply plenty for everyone to do!


The event saw great support from local community groups, food trucks, police and all spectators in attendance. The awesome family-vibe of the event should ensure its success for many years to come.



Variation is key to the success of the the event and the random spread of cars kept it interesting: From Aussie and US muscle to European, JDM, custom, military, trucks, off roaders and motorbikes there really was something for everyone to enjoy from one side of the show to the other.


Some stunning engine bays bravely stayed open during the rain and grabbed attention from the power hungry enthusiasts.


A awesome collection of military-style vehicles and trucks were on display including this amazing Land Rover.



Lots of car clubs were also in attendance supporting their favourite brand.


The Annual Picnic at Hanging rock was a great success with consideration to the unfortunate weather that hit the area. While numbers have been bigger its great to see Melbournites take the gamble and commit to the drive northwards towards a great day.

For more photos from the day please check out the gallery below:

For more information about Picnic at Hanging Rock check out their website here.

Words and Photography by Ben Cadwallader – Cad Photography