Sydney, Australia was host to the AC Delco East Coast Thunder, Round 2 of the 400 Thunder professional series. With Top Fuel, Pro Alcohol, Pro Slammer, Top Bike, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Bike, it was sure to be a great event. However mother nature intervened to have a say on what was going to happen. Saturday had drizzle all morning, so all you can do is wait, and wait we did until it cleared. Approximately 3pm it was declared race time with everyone ready to go across all the classes.

In Top Fuel, Wayne Newby ( Pictured below) was defeated by his Rapisarda Autosport International teammate Damien Harris in the final round. Harris now finds himself  leading  the championship of the 400 Thunder Top Fuel Series. Also a memorial pass in memory of Stan Sainty had a few tears rolling down the cheeks as it was an emotional moment for everyone that attended.

In Pro Slammer American visitor, Frankie Taylor, ended up taking the trophy back to America, after defeating Paul Mouhayet in the final round. With his second runner up in succession, Mouhayet took the lead in the 400 Thunder Series in Pro Slammer.

The next round of the 400 Thunder Series now moves to Willowbank Raceway with the New Years Thunder on 6th January 2018. See below for more pics from the event.