Our aim to create fresh and unique clothing that reflects our passion for going fast, getting sideways and having fun.

Speed Nation is a premium Australian street wear brand with a strong focus on the automotive scene.

In short, we’re creating quality gear that we’d be proud to wear daily. Whether we’re at the race track, cruising to the beach, sitting in the garage or heading out for drinks with friends. Hopefully you’ll feel the same. Proud to be a part of the Speed Nation.

We are a small team of passionate enthusiasts who were looking for a fresh outlet to share our creativity back into the scene that inspired us for so long.

Being generally unsatisfied with the limited styles, mediocre quality and lack of creativity available when searching for ‘car shirts’ apparel on offer we took up a challenge to do better from a mate and started drawing up some fresh designs.

In our designs we aim to show appreciation to all members of our community: The builders, the planners, the dreamers, the encyclopedias,  the bloggers, the photographers, the artists, the forum friends, the keyboard warriors, the fast, the furious, the low, the slow and even the haters. Regardless of who you are, we understand your passion and strive to create top quality gear that will enable you to proudly display what your serious about.

Like you, we are constantly inspired by the creativity and the engineering that goes into our machines, and also the strength of the community that our scene has forged.  Fuelled by the enthusiasm from the scene we have combined our love of art and the automotive lifestyle to create something fresh that sparks interest, inspires passion and promotes our culture in a positive light.