A timeless symbol of Japanese motoring. 

When speaking of the fabled Japanese legend, the Skyline, the term ‘Godzilla’ is thrown around quite loosely. I do not believe this label should be given to just any car with a GTR badge plastered on the rear end; it has to be earned. Bolstering a built RB26 with a massive single Garret turbo, stupendously well fitting TE37’s and maintaining the 90’s Japanese looks with which it left the factory, Kyle’s R32 GTR has more than earned the right for that very label. Braving the stormy Sydney weather, I headed out to capture this and bring it to your screens!

What kind of person does it take to own a 27 year old Japanese sports car? A die hard enthusiast. See now, Kyle is not unfamiliar with the likes of Japanese cars, his current R32 is only one vehicle amongst an ever long list, sporting an MR2, a Supra, a 180sx, an S13 Silvia, 4 S15’s, 2 FD RX7’s and 2 previous R32 GTR’s, woah… what a lineup! 3 of his previous cars proudly wore the ever so recognizable “DAYUM” plates, but we aren’t here for those cars, we’re here to speak of his latest, which he has affectionately registered under the title, ‘EULOGY’.

Aesthetically, this car is nothing but absolutely pleasing. The timeless shape of the R32’s aggressive body lines always get me giddy and weak at the knees. The perfectly paired 18×9.5 TE37’s could not have been a better choice, setting off even more with the white on white paint scheme! Containing these massive wheels and gluing them to the ground, a set of 285/40/18 Toyo Proxes Semi Slick tyres give the GTR that incredible meaty fitment it has always deserved, and the worn out tyre writing completes the look that this car is no show pony. Also complementing the exterior of this weapon, is an N1 bonnet lip, an N1 boot lid, N1 pods, a carbon exhaust shroud and MARS LED tail lights. This combo allows the car to closely mirror the look of a Group A racing Skyline, but still stay true to its original Nissan design.

The interior of Kyle’s R32, is… very much standard, sporting only period correct Momo steering wheel and a discontinued Nismo leather gear knob. This only slightly modified interior is no drawback however, it expresses the wonderful condition of which this car has been kept, as it is incredibly clean, both inside and out, and allows the driver to reminisce on simpler times.

Hidden away beneath the hood of this beast is where the modification list really starts to grow. The RB26 bolted into this particular R32 GTR, holsters a Garret GTX3582R Gen2, a 6boost manifold, Turbosmart 50mm progate, custom made screamer pipe, JE Pistons, heavy duty valve springs, Spool con rod set, Calco main bearing set, Calco big end bearing set, ARP head studs, HKS head gasket, Spool billet oil pump gears, Tomei 260/270 drop in cams, Tomei cam gears, custom oil catch can and power steering reservoir, Split Fire coil pack, Bosch 2000cc injectors, Haltech Platinum Pro ECU, 4 bar map sensor, AEM Air/fuel ratio sensor, E Boost street, Mishimoto thermostat, HKS Type R intercooler. To keep all that in line, Kyle is running an R33 GTR gearbox and an Exedy carbon twin plate clutch.

All of this ultimately sums up to an enormous 426KW and 461ftlb of torque, with 28psi coursing through the Garret turbo. However i am sure these numbers will continue to grow, as a mans car is never really complete.

Kyle’s car pays homage to a style which has been missed for a long time in the Japanese car scene, the style of a true race car built for the street. Everything is built to work, he can take it to the drags and supply 12 second passes, and then drive to the gym, or to dinner, or where ever he may please. Hearing the turbo spool and watching the wheels spin effortlessly as the mighty RB26 comes on boost is such a glorious sight, and sends tingles through my brain and down my spine. I can not wait to see what else he does with this car, as it is already a monster of the streets!

Mod List, 1990 Nissan R32 GTR:
-N1 bonnet lip
-N1 boot lid
-N1 pods
-Carbon exhaust shroud
-Mars LED tail light
-Rays engineering TE37
-Discontinued Nismo leather gear knob
-Momo race steering wheels
-Garret GTX3582R gen 2
-6boost manifold
-Turbosmart 50mm progate
-Custom screamer pipe
-Block got bored and honed, head reconditioned, crank got crack tested and machined
-JE piston 86.5mm
-Heavy duty valve spring
-Spool con rod set
-Calco main bearing set
-Calco big end bearing set
-ARP head stud kit
-HKS head gasket
-Spool billet oil pump gears
-Tomei drop in cams 9.1mm lift 260 IN 270 EX
-Tomei cam gears
-Custom oil catch can/power steering reservoir
-Split fire coil pack
-Bosch 2000cc injectors
-Haltech Platinum Pro
-4 bar map sensor
-AEM air/fuel ratio sensor
-E boost street
-Mishimoto thermostat
-HKS 100mm type R intercooler
-Exedy carbon twin plate clutch
-R33 GTR gear box
-Teins cruise master coilovers

Story & Photography by Mitchell Fewtrell.