The #Festivalof86 was a celebration of a very special car, but it also a celebration of people and their desire to create something unique that reflects themselves and ultimately what they want to drive. So now let’s take some time to reflect on the people that made the day what it was, let’s talk to the guests who brought their cars down to be displayed.


If you’ve already checked out our main #Festivalof86 story (LINKED HERE), you’ll already know that the organizers brought their A+ game. The bar was lifted so high that a lot of punters couldn’t comprehend that this was all for THEM. Certainly no one complained about it though. :p Even while working away and putting on those last minute touches everyone was having a great time.

A massive venue, DJ’s pumping tunes, Guest drivers, TV Personalities hosting, A singing diva and even a chance to chat and hang out with the Tetsuya Tada, the creator of the car.

Yep.It was Rock Star treatment and everyone was soaking up the hospitality.

Even the guest driver’s were super stoked to be involved 😀 Beau and his Beauty seem to have that #ohwhatafeeling thing going on!

#festivalof86 beau yates

The best quote of the weekend was one I overheard while walking past people lining up for Tada’san autographs.
“Last year’s #festivalof86 was awesome, but it wasn’t anything like this. This year is wayyy awesomer!”

One of the best things about buying a car that’s been built to be modified is the vast amount of after market parts and options to make your car stand out in the pack. So I thought we’d to two things. Let’s take a closer look at some of the mods people were running, and while we’re at it, let’s find out what the guests thought of Toyota’s #FESTIVALOF86 2014.

The boys and girls from the NSW 86/BRZ Club have been pumped about this event for the weeks up to the #Festivalof86. After last year they expected something pretty cool. Last years party was held at Toyota’s office in Southern Sydney office.I wasn’t there but from what I gather the guys and girls who attended were mighty impressed with the Toyota hospitality.
By all accounts it was a top event on it’s own, but everyone I’ve spoken to has told me the exact same thing about this years event.

Sho Mai is the current president of the NSW 86BRZ Club. He’s also been involved with just about every reputable car club in NSW, When asked what he thought about the show….

“The event this year was rather a big surprise! I mean, I’ve been in the game for quite some time now, with the Nissan clubs, Honda clubs and also the VW clubs and I have never seen a manufacture throw a ‘thank you for purchasing our car and supporting our brand’ party/festival bash!
Did Toyota have to do this? No, they didn’t. But they did! It’s a very nice touch they have done. The icing on the cake to such a great car!
Well done Toyota. You have gotten my loyalty and I am sure many others too as you LISTEN and CARE about your customers.”


The BRZ Posse was also extended the invitation to bring their sister cars down and party like it’s 1999 with the 86 Crew.

Will Ford who brought down his BRZ had this to say
‘For starters, as a BRZ owner, I loved that Toyota included us in the event! I loved seeing the diverse range of modifications and how everyone has their own idea of what’s hot and what’s not. It was awesome how Tada-san mingled with his fans, and didn’t just disappear backstage when he wasn’t signing. Toyota made us all feel like we were part of something special. This venue suited the event perfectly and I can’t wait for next year’s event!’

Dave Vella owns one of the most powerful 86’s in the country, expect to see a full feature soon, he was pumped about the event, and also to take the pole position inside on the Saturday.

He was equally stoked with the chilled out vibe and getting to chat face to face with hundreds of people who both loved his machine, but also shared his passion for the 86. “One of the key things about today is just how approachable and friendly everyone is, It’s not really suprising though, the 86 community is a very open and helping group. Everyone is happy to share info and even get hands dirty when required.”

Where ever you looked everyone had big smiles!

And signed hats :p

Fingers crossed that Toyota feel equally pumped as the punters and already busy working on the 3rd incarnation of the #Festivalof86! Hopefully the third Festival will co-incide with the launch of a new one-make Toyota 86 Racing Series in Australia 😉

With that said, enjoy a bunch of my favorite extra snaps from the event! See you next year. 😉

We’ll see you at next year’s #Festivalof86!