By Matthew Everingham

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. After months of saving, homework and hunting Josh’s garage was complete. An obnoxiously bright yellow Evolution 7 in showroom condition took centre stage and the universe was awesome. That was until some other clowns decided they liked and deserved the Evo more than Josh. His house was broken into, the keys were taken and the car was gone. The car was later found, written off and destroyed. So where to now?


The decision to find something completely different was made.
Feeling as though he could never fully replace the Evo, and not wanting to have to worry about a repeat episode, he decided to look for something a little less eye catching, but something still quite capable on the track and equally suitable as a daily driver.

With a few option within budget it was going to be a hard choice to make, but after a long hard chat with fellow motoring enthusiast and journalist Damion Smy who talked up his brand new Toyota 86 the choice was becoming clearer.

It was the car that had every motoring journo losing their shit over during test drives across the globe. It was time to take one for a test run. After 5 minutes of steering time the decision was made. Josh was sold on the 86. It didn’t take long before his new stock standard 86 would catch eyes again…

Josh's Toyota 86

The only problem now is that there was an 8 month waiting list and he needed a car right NOW. Josh and mates moved heaven and earth to try and secure one from a dealership. It almost happened that way too, until a certain Toyota sponsored rally pro wanted one just as bad. You won that round Mr Bates!

Eventually the perfect machine popped up on carsales. A soon to be delivered 2013 Asphalt Grey Toyota 86 GTS. A phone call was made, a deposit paid and an epic mission to get from Western Sydney to Deniliquin began. A regional flight and a three hour drive was all it took to get there. Easy! And the 8 hour drive home was plenty of time to get acquainted with a new friend, and also to help run that new engine in 😉


Apart from the 1000km factory service, the only hands up to slide up this girls skirt have belonged to Michael May and his team at Garage 88, or his own for the simple 5k oil changes or after a track day.
It was time to turn this factory fun mobile hair dressing salon into more of a serious track competitor. The first wave of modifications were to improve on the already razor sharp handling. She felt good to begin with but some additional stiffness could tighten the ride.
Josh's Toyota 86
Cusco Zero 3 coilovers were taken directly from the Garage 88 show pony 86. They were matched up with Cusco sway bars, 20mm front / 16mm rear.  Cusco lower control and tow arms helped drop it like its hot and give all the adjustability it needed for dialling in a good track set up.
A Cusco Carbon Front Strut Bar/brake locker locked the strut towers in place.
Finally the  the rear of the car was firmed up some more with a Cusco Diff cradle brace and  Cusco Rear sub frame brace’s to keep the ass in line.
WOW, That’s some Cusco…
With just 1200k’s on the clock and barley 1mm of of use the brake pads had been upgraded to Dixcel Z type pads up front& Dixcel M type pads out back, Thanks to the car being so light and not running crazy amounts of power (YET) this new brake set up would be ideal for a long, harsh day of constant abusive laps with no minimal brake fade.
Once the handling was sorted, it was time for a new set of shoes. The first set of rims fitted were a set of ‘genuine’ copy Work CR Kiwami – Raiden Type E’s sitting flush at 18×8.5. The replicas had their rubber replaced with Hankook Z221’s. and were relegated to a set of cheap track rims. At $220 a corner there is no fear on entry!
The time came to find a set of real rims. A set of SSR GTV01’s in 18×8.5 were ordered. They took 9 months to arrive in the country by we like to think they were worth the wait.
Josh's Toyota 86
With a set of long term goals in place the under bonnet tinkering began. The first steps are to extract as much Naturally Aspirated goodness from the 4U-GSE boxer before heading down the path forced induction.
For inward breathing a 3″ Perrin intake was fitted, this neatened up the engine bay and helped rid the bay of the stupid sound tube.

Exhaust has been a in and out affair with a few different set ups,  It’s currently sitting on a full Sydney Motorsport Engineering set up comprising of race headers and 2.5″ hi flow exhaust system.

Josh's Toyota 86

The heavy weight pulleys were replaced with lighter alternatives made by RACESENG supplied by Kalen at Forged Performance.

A Mocal Oil Cooler sits behind the front bar, maximizing the efficiency of the the Motul 300V which flows through the heart.

Josh's Toyota 86

A flash tune by fellow 86er ‘@86DRIFT’ freshened up the ECU to help the old girl crank out 126rwkW on 98 Pump. A nice jump from the 106rwKw measured before the tune.

Even though the initial reason for an 86 was to find something a little less attention seeking, Josh being Josh put an end to that with a massive list of cosmetic mods that really helps this 86 stand out, even when parked in amongst 50 other 86’s and BRZ’s.

Cosmetic, sorry, RACE CAR mods include include Password JDM Front Canards, TRD Front fender winglets in Wet Carbon, Cusco Front and Rear tow hooks, Varis Carbon bootlid, APR GT200 Carbon GT wing, HTA Side Skirts & Rear bumper spats and a Beatsonic Shark fin antenna.

josh 86 speednation

The interior is still pretty stock. There’s not much to change here, it’s function and being a new car still in good condition. Apart from a head unit and a Stugg bracket for a tablet running Torque it remains unchanged. The Torque app runs through the car’s OBDII connector and provides a vast array of vital info. including oil pressure, temps as well as AFR’s. It eliminates the need for unsightly gauges that don’t fit the motif of the stock interior.


This little thing has seen the track a few times in the year and bit of ownership.Current PB’s:
Sydney Motorsport Park : 1:56.9 and Wakfield : 1:12.9.

Josh's Toyota 86

Josh would like to thank the following:

  • A MASSIVE thank you to my partner Natalie for understanding why I wanted/needed this car and then allowing me to spend the “little” amount of money(more than I promised)on getting it right.
  • Damion Smy for setting me on this course with the 86
  • Deniliqin Toyota for hooking me up with the car so quick
  • Michael and Dom @ Garage 88 for all the speedy part deliveries, late night installs and “Are my wheels here yet?”
  • Josh @ 86Drift for all the tuning and help with previous exhaust fitting and testing
  • Mick @ SME for the full exhaust system (Promise this is the last one)
  • John Boston for all the track pointers and tyres!!!
  • All my friends and family
  • NSW 86/BRZ Car Club


SSR GTV01 – 18×8.5 with GoodYear Acymetric 2’s (daily)

Raiden Type E 18×8.5 Hancook Z221 Semi slicks (track)

Password JDM Front Cannards

TRD Front fender winglets (Carbon)

Cusco Front and Rear tow hooks

Varis Carbon bootlid

APR GT200 Carbon wing

HTA Side Skirts & Rear bumper spats

Crazy stack damage red zip ties front bar

Beatsonic Shark fin

Stugg Racing Dash tablet mount

Fire extinguisher


Cusco Carbon Front Strut Bar with brake stopper

Cusco Zero 3 coilovers

Cusco lower control arms

Cusco rear tow arms

Cusco sway bars 20mm front / 16mm rear

Cusco Diff cradle brace

Cusco Rear subframe brace

Perrin 3″ Cold Air Intake

SME Race Headers

SME 2.5″ Overpipe

SME 2.5″ Hiflo catted mid pipe

SME 2.5″ Cat back

raceseng lightweight pully kit

Mocal oil cooler kit

Stock Callipers/Rotors

Dixcel Z type pads front

Dixcel M type pads rear

Josh's Toyota 86