You know when you start seeing the hashtag #prepfornats that the 2017 V 4 & Rotary Nationals isn’t far away! For the past six months my social media news feed has been full of little teasers and snippets on what cars were being built, just to be unveiled at this event. Basically anyone that builds some sort of show car or race car aims to have it ready to be unveiled at the prestigious 4 & Rotary Nationals event.

The beauty of having a media pass for this event is that you can get into the hall while everyone is still setting up. After few years, it becomes obvious that best time to get in is on the Friday evening, after the majority of exhibitors had already set up the stands, but before the barriers are set up. The excitement was palpable. What new cars would be brought to the event?

The first hall was like walking into another world. It was completely unlike anything seen before in New Zealand. The quality of car and the extreme stance setting was mind-alteringly good.

Straight away two cars stood out, their progress being well documented on social media. Blake and Jared from Cany Customs, who stole the show in 2016 with their crazy harlequin Nissan’s showed off their brand new builds. Once again, they bought their cars up to Auckland from Christchurch, which is at least an 18 hour drive and requires crossing from the South Island to the North Island. Blake Harpur’s 326 Power Nissan Silvia S15 and Jared’s insane stance Toyota Altezza proved to be a massive crowd favourites. Jared went on to claim the title of Best Extreme Stance.

Looking down the line of the vehicles at the Speedmagnet stand, the high quality of cars didn’t seem to stop. This tidy Nissan Silvia S14 was definitely the most eye pleasing and certifiably insane V8 swapped S-Chassis for a long time.

Another car that has taken the internet by storm in NZ is Speedmagnet‘s founder Falgoon Patel with his custom widebody Nissan Skyline R31 wagon with a custom paint job by Cany Customs.

Matthew Holt’s 3M wrapped Honda isn’t just your typical slammed show car. This thing is beast mode, running 345kw via the Garrett GT35/82 turbo and on a stock F20C motor! Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months for a full feature.

The world famous NZ built RWB Porsche’s also made an appearance and they bought their new buddy with them. The silver one was imported from Japan.

Something you don’t see everyday, a RE Amemiya Super Greddy Mazda RX7 FD.

There was also a few NZ Superlap race cars on display. The Shortty Racing Team Subaru WRX was sporting a brand new livery, which really makes it pop! The Mitsubishi Lancer of Leon Scott Motorsport Ltd was also running a brand new graphics package, suiting the car perfectly.

What 4 & Rotary Nationals would be complete without some immaculate rotary powered Mazda wagons?!

Another conversion you wouldn’t see everyday, a rotary powered Toyota Starlet!

You might recognize this car, it blew up the internet a few weeks ago. This is one of Iain Clegg’s, the owner of ST Hitec‘s pride and joy. This widebody Nissan Skyline R33 GTR is pumping out some crazy figures, 900kw and 1420nm of torque!

Speed Nation recently featured the leader of the NZ Fijian Car Club, Ifraz’s 425kw Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 a few months ago. Since then hes done a 10 second 1/4 mile while retaining a full interior and road legality!

Another well presented Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution from NZFC owned by Pratik and putting out 350kw.

Another NZFC car worth a mention is Zulfi’s Honda Civic EG. It might not look like a serious car, but it has some really cool mods. It also runs a 12.6 1/4 mile off the 1.8L Vtec engine.

This was also the first time seeing this car in person and it’s one the entire team have been very excited to see. This is yet another car SN be featuring in the next few months is Russ’s Subaru WRX STI Type RA Ltd. He’s widened the already wide 22B bodykit. It has been built for hill climb, circuit racing and superlap. With 361kw at the wheels it’s going to be exciting to see go around the track!

Vick’s Nissan R35 GTR has been around for quite some time, but it looked nothing like this! Owner of X Racing, you wouldn’t expect anything less from him. This is also the very first Liberty Walk R35 GTR in New Zealand.

Another one of Iain’s vehicles is the fastest Nissan R35 GTR in New Zealand, on the 1/4 mile and around a track. It’s putting out 1280hp and 1700nm of torque. The video of the dyno run will be available on our Facebook in the next few days.

Now, this is a car we’ve only seen online or in magazines. Seeing this car unveiled was mind blowing. To even see one in little ol’ NZ was comparable to a unicorn. But to see one and in showroom condition was mind boggling. James Wilkinson from Wsimports has really stepped up the game!

Last but not least, this is probably the one car in New Zealand that flew under our radar. Mad Mike Whiddett‘s Mazda RX7.3. This car is actually insane in person, many going as far as saying this is the best car he has built yet!

Not only did he have the RX7.3 on display. He also had his RX8 and the infamous Formula Drift MX-5.

This event pulled in over 400 cars on show, these are just a few of what stood out.

Keep an eye out over the next couple of months where SN be taking a more in-depth look at some of the cars debuted above!