As drivers, we all come across some weird, stupid and downright dangerous stuff on the roads on a daily basis. Some we just shake our heads at, others we’ll yell, honk and use some choice words. I work full time as a photographer, which means apart from clicking a button and making things look pretty, I do a hell of a lot of driving to and from locations, so I see my fair share of moronic behaviour on our roads. Here in Melbourne where I’m based, it’s currently winter. It’s dark at 5:30pm, and the weather lately has been cold and wet. Not the most ideal driving conditions when the majority of people are coming home tired after a long day at work. Something I’ve seen more and more of lately, and what drives me nuts is people driving at night with no lights on.

The incident I had today is what prompted me to a) shit my pants, b) set a new record for the number of f-bombs dropped in a minute, but most importantly c) to write this rant. To paint the scenario, I’m driving home at 6pm, it’s dark and wet in the middle lane of a 3-lane road. I needed to move to the left lane, so as any normal driver does, I indicate, do a head check and proceeded to merge across as I didn’t see any cars and deemed it safe to do so. Holy batballs was I wrong! It was a last second reflection that I noticed a black car, with no headlights on driving next to my rear left quarter in that lane. He didn’t honk his horn, didn’t flash his lights, nothing. Oblivious to the whole situation and unless I spotted him, would’ve taken out both my car and his. Here’s the kicker and might make you laugh too, he abused me when I honked at him! It wasn’t until he pulled up next to me at the lights where I let rip. Controlling the rage bubbling inside me, I politely mentioned that his bloody headlights were off, to which he had the audacity in telling me “I can see the road, I don’t need them on”. Before I had the chance pick my jaw up off my passenger seat to retaliate, the lights went green and that was it. Now unless you’re some kind of mutant creature with fucking night vision, what sort of excuse is that? Do these people (morons) have any considerable concept on the safe use of a motor vehicle? Are they that infuckencompetent as drivers to see the dangers in their actions? I guess not and I wish we as drivers had some sort of right to report these individuals to Police.

Without a word of a lie, I would see at least two or more cars each night driving with no lights on. This includes only having parkers, DRL’s and fog lights on. How the fuck can they not see that they are driving in the dark? I understand with the latter 3, the dash is lit up, but come on surely that’s no excuse when the road in front of them is dark. Headlights are not an optional accessory. They aren’t just there to help drivers see better at night, but an aid in helping other drivers see them at night too. It’s common bloody sense, but unfortunately in this day and age where everything is spoon fed to us, and cars are becoming autonomous, common sense is not so common anymore. Drivers are becoming less engaged behind the wheel as cars are almost driving by themselves. It’s sad really, all this awesome technology, all these computers to make driving supposedly safer when in actual fact it’s dumbing down the most important thing, the driver.

Now what can we do about this? Honestly I don’t know. More stringent driver training? Harsher penalties if they get caught? A gentle baseball bat reminder? I honestly don’t know as I’m yet to comprehend how and why they do it in the first place, and why these people are allowed on our roads.

At the end of the day, I think it’s making me a more observant driver, but do I have to be? Do I have to be double and triple checking in case there’s some inconsiderate moron in the other lane? No. I just hope that something can be done before a potentially fatal, but easily avoidable accident occurs.

Stay safe out there people. Rant over.


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Video courtesy of Aussie Dash Cams.