Saturday December 11 2016 saw the start of the battles for the Pope Building Services Victorian Jnr and Snr Dirt Track Titles in Northern Victoria.  This event was run by the Harley Club of Victoria, and Motorcycling Victoria. Having some mates that race in the Seniors Category, I was invited to come and shoot the event. ” It will be fun they said”.  Having no idea what I was in for, I agreed and booked it into my calendar to keep that weekend free. As the day approached, Saturday morning I head off for the 90 odd minute drive to the event, situated at the Broadford State Motorcycle complex in Northern Victoria. For those that don’t know it. It’s a glorious venue that has everything in the one place. Super Cross Track, Speedway Track, and a Road Course (which we did a feature on earlier in the year).



As I entered the gate I got the strange feeling I was in for something different today. I was greeted by the CFA Volunteers after seeing my big MEDIA sign on the windscreen of my trusty Yeti. God Bless that car, it’s been all over the country this year. After entering the car park I noticed the whole area was packed! Didn’t seem like just a little meet, no no, this was the State Titles, and there were heaps of divisions. Walking around the pits I just couldn’t believe the amount of bikes and categories. Every age group was covered. Then I walked up to a bike in a confused look saying to myself, this isn’t a motocross bike, it’s a bloody Speedway Bike……………. AWESOME!!!!




The first time you a see a Speedway Bike on a track at full tilt, it’s something I wont be forgetting in a hurry. I loved watching them in action! The crazy angles and attitudes they get while throwing these things around the bends is utterly nuts… easy to say another genre of motorsport I am now addicted to.  Even watching the kids have a ball in a safe environment and having a full crack was a sight to behold.

Then you see the big boys come out and show you how its done.  Cant wipe the smile from my face.




The Saturday morning was good weather for the event as it was overcast, but that still didn’t stop the flies as they seemed to outnumber everyone. Bloody flies! Sales for Bushmans and Aeroguard might be the go on a separate stand as a side business. The racing is fast and goes quickly between categories. So you never have to wait long till the next heat starts. The action just doesn’t stop.





So for me, I can say I had a ball and enjoyed a ripper day with a great bunch of people. I would like to thank Chris Hume, The Harley Club Of Victoria and Motorcycling Victoria for the honour of shooting this event. I would love to come back next year and shoot more events like this!  Enjoy the Pics.