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This years Queens Birthday long weekend saw some of the countries finest historic vehicles being pushed out and used for their original intentions. Going fast in style. Welcome to the 2016 Sydney Retro Racefest!

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Joining some of the ex-European supercars were some home grown touring car heroes. The long weekend gifted us some beautiful weather in contrast to cyclonic conditions that saw many parts of this circuit under water just 7 days ago. This meteorological improvement provided a perfect battle ground for Bathursts finest to take to the track once again.

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The dummy grid gave the younger generations a feel for old school motorsport. V8 engines rumbling, sending a shiver down the spine of all present.

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It hurts to see real race cars not being driven like real race cars. Far too often, owners baby their historic cars. I can safely say there was no babying to be seen all weekend, making for entertainment and excitement for spectators and competitors alike.

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As good as these drivers are, accidents are inevitable. It sucks that cars get damaged but its a sign of good door to door racing. As the saying goes, Build it. Break it. Fix it.

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As someone who has never really appreciated an Alfa Romeo until recently. These two cars are the epitome of where form and function find a happy medium. No ridiculous camber, and it’s not scraping the floor on its under carriage… and it still looks good! Who would’ve thought…

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The crowd favourite would have easily been Stefan Johansson’s 1985¬†Ferrari 156/85 T. I wasn’t alive to see this era of Formula 1 but I am very grateful to have seen this in the flesh. Nothing sounds quite like an almost 20 year old missile stretching its legs down the main straight.

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In saying that I have always been a fan of the GT40. If you haven’t seen our feature of James’ hand built raw aluminium bodied GT40 you can find it prowling Sydney city streets here ¬†

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As the sun set on a successful weekend we look back and admire the cars and engineering marvels from a time before us. We quite often catch ourselves looking past raw performance and beauty as we are drawn to the detailed spec sheets finding the power to weight ratio of the worlds leading super car manufacturers current releases, as well as the 247 different gadgets and buttons on the dash. I challenge you to view motorsport differently, through a new perspective and you can thank me later.